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Something you need to know about a head massage in Dubai

In Dubai, Massage is a way of relaxation and wellness that many people like. When many people feel a headache, they will massage their scalp a few times to make themselves more comfortable. There are many nerve endings and tissues on the human scalp, and frequent massage of these parts is of great help to Dubai people's health. When the work is too tiring, a simple Dubai massage at home for 10 minutes will make the mind clear. What are the benefits of massaging the head?

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Head massage helps to eliminate fatigue, improve scalp nutrition, promote metabolism, regulate skin secretion, etc., which has certain significance. Do it once a day in the morning, at lunch break and before going to bed at night, for about 10 minutes each time. You can do more when you have time. It is also good method to the people with high blood pressure to relax and keep in health condition.

Head massage can effectively stimulate the acupuncture points on the head, so it can have a good refreshing effect and quickly get rid of fatigue. Promote blood circulation in the head. Massaging the head can effectively stimulate the capillaries distributed on the scalp, so that it is in an expanded state, which can promote the operation of blood circulation in the head and supply more oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

During massage, it can regulate the blood circulation of the head, deliver more sufficient nutrients to the hair roots, and at the same time stimulate the hair follicles on the scalp, strengthen the hair roots to a certain extent, prevent the hair from falling out, and is conducive to the healthy growth of the hair. Actually, not only the head massage, but also all kinds of massage such as Full Body Massage in Dubai or a Japanese Massage in Dubai, you will get so much benefits from it.

These are the main benefits of head massage. Next, let's talk about how to massage the head well. Let's learn together.

First, massage the forehead with the thumb or palm, gently massage the left and right sides with both hands, and then return to the center of the forehead at the tip of the eyebrow. Alternate hands, massage rhythmically, ten times is enough. The power should not be too large. Next, place the fingers of both hands on the top of the head and massage it from the top of the head to the back of the head with a little force for about 20 times; then press the thumbs of both hands on both sides of the forehead, from top to bottom, from bottom to top to make a straight line Massage more than 10 times.

Finally, press the middle of the top of the head with the middle finger or index finger, and massage 10 times from light to heavy.

If you feel some headache or tired, you can massage your head for a while, which can relieve these symptoms. When massaging, be sure to find the correct area. If the area cannot be found accurately, the massage will have no effect. If you are sensitive to pain, it is best not to do Shiatsu massage.

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