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Can people with high blood pressure get massage in Dubai?

Massage in Dubai has many benefits, not only can improve the body's immunity, but also can relieve the body's stress, relax the body, eliminate fatigue, happy mood, so as to prevent disease, enhance appetite, health care. Can people with high blood do massage? The answer is yes. What kind of massage is better for them? When hypertensive patients do massage, they should choose a formal and qualified institution for massage such as a full body massage in Dubai or a Thai massage in Dubai. During the massage, hypertensive patients should pay close attention to their physical condition. If they have symptoms such as palpitation, dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting, they must massage the middle finger in time and rest in bed to avoid unexpected adverse events.

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Nuru Massage in Dubai
Dubai Body Massage - Linda

In general, people with high blood pressure can get massage. Proper massage can promote blood circulation, relax the body and mind, relieve fatigue, and help control blood pressure. However, when the blood pressure is too high above 180/110mmHg, it is recommended not to massage. When blood pressure is significantly increased, the risk of acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents increases, and the patient should keep absolutely quiet and rest. At this time, massage may cause a progressive increase in blood pressure due to the continuous stimulation of the skin, soft tissues, muscles, and blood vessels.

It is not impossible for patients with high blood pressure to massage, but they should pay attention to the level of blood pressure. Generally speaking, massage is a stimulating process for various muscles of the body after all, and it is a way to improve muscle and nerve fatigue through stimulation. However, this kind of stimulation will inevitably cause changes in the activity of the human body's sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. We know that hypertension itself is closely related to the regulation of the activity of the nervous system. When the sympathetic nerves are particularly excited, it will cause the heart rate to increase and the heart muscle to contract. Increased force, vasoconstriction causes blood pressure to rise.

If a patient with high blood pressure has poor blood pressure control at ordinary times, and he has not taken drugs for effective control, the blood pressure is often greater than 160/100mmHg, or even greater than 180/110mmHg. In this case, it is not recommended. This stimulating massage is of this type of therapy. Because this situation may cause the already poorly controlled blood pressure to further fluctuate, or even rise acutely in a short period of time. The acute rise in blood pressure can cause a series of dangers, which we call hypertensive emergency. In severe cases, it can cause cerebral hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, or some other serious complications, such as cerebral edema.

So if the blood pressure is well controlled and stable, you can do some gentle massages such as Japanese massage or full body massage, but if the blood pressure is not well controlled, or the massage activities are relatively irritating, such as Swedish massage or a body to body massage in Dubai, We recommend that people with high blood pressure should try to avoid it. And it is also not good for the people with high blood pressure to get the massage for their knees.

Can Massage Relieve Hypertension Symptoms?

Headache is a physical problem that many friends often have. Headaches can cause serious illnesses if they are not handled properly. So, when friends feel a headache, how should massage relieve the headache?

Massage can not only help patients relieve headaches in a short period of time, but also help patients take less painkillers with side effects. Headache is now a common clinical symptom, and the severity can be divided into severe and severe, and the duration of pain varies. It is not like other diseases that target a special group of people. People of every age have headaches. The causes are many and complex. Any pain structure that can stimulate blood vessels or muscles can cause headaches.

When the headache is still nauseating, you need to rest immediately to relieve it. Patients can massage the head with their hands, and the intensity is appropriate to relieve the headache. Headaches may indicate the occurrence of multiple diseases, such as cervical spine, high blood pressure, colds, gastroenteritis and insufficient blood supply to the brain. The clinical symptoms of these disorders are accompanied by headache, nausea and vomiting. Patients need to see a doctor in time for treatment to stabilize their condition as soon as possible.

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