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Regular Dubai massage of the knees, there are many benefits!

Many elderly people in Dubai have the habit of massaging their knee joints for fitness. Most people will feel much more comfortable in their knee joints and lower limbs after performing such an operation. In fact, this habit has certain scientific reasons. And you can really enjoy some knee massage in Dubai at home!

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Body to body massage in Dubai - Lucy

In the process of massaging the knee joint, the local soft tissue is repeatedly pressurized and then relaxed. During this process, the local blood circulation and lymphatic circulation will be improved to a certain extent. Therefore, in people with knee degenerative osteoarthritis, with the massage of the knee joint, the concentration of local inflammatory factors will decrease to a certain extent, and the phenomenon of knee joint pain will be improved.

In the process of massaging the knee joint, it can massage and relax the structure of muscles and ligaments. Knee pain can cause spasmodic tension in the muscles around the knee, which can increase the pain in the knee. Not only for knees, if you want to have a healthier body, you can try more massage, for man, you can try the prostate massage.

During walking, the discomfort of the knee joint is very obvious. By some kinds of Dubai body massage for these muscle tissues, you will get the improvements of the tension of these tissues. When the symptoms of knee arthritis are severe, it will affect our travel. Dubai Massage can clear the meridians and relieve related symptoms. Let's take a look at the causes of knee arthritis and massage treatment methods.

Knee arthritis usually occurs in middle-aged and elderly people over the age of 40. The appearance of this disease can cause pain in the knee joint of patients. In severe cases, they even need to use crutches. So, what causes knee arthritis and how to massage it treat?

Excessive weight

Being overweight will increase the load on joints, and will lead to changes in joint biomechanics due to factors such as posture, gait, and other factors. Overweight, especially overweight women, are more likely to suffer from knee osteoarthritis. Research suggests that there is a causal relationship between knee osteoarthritis and women's obesity.

Joint injury

Osteoarthritis is sometimes induced by trauma to or near a joint, such as fractures affecting the articular surface, joint instability due to torn ligaments, and abnormal wear and tear of articular cartilage due to torn meniscus. Such as knee ligament injury, fat pad injury, meniscus injury, traumatic synovitis, knee osteoarthritis, etc. can cause knee pain.

Overuse of the joints

Long-term rapid flexion and extension of the knee joint increase the wear and tear of articular cartilage, such as frequent brisk walking, cycling, badminton, mountain climbing, stair climbing and other activities, especially in Dubai, in this hot climate and strong sunshine! Certain activities that repeatedly stimulate the joints, such as frequent or repeated lifting of heavy objects and squatting, kneeling and other actions can cause joint damage and cause cartilage degeneration.

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