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Some Preparations Before Massage in Dubai

In this modern times of Dubai, massage is generally a way of leisure. It can not only make us feel comfortable, but also play a health care role. Especially white-collar sedentary people should go to enjoy a full body massage in Dubai regularly, which can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, etc. Common white-collar diseases. Since massage is a way of leisure, we should provide some comfortable environment for this way of leisure and health care to truly relax the body and mind.

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Linda, sexy massage girl in Dubai

Massage is a popular health care method nowadays. It can relax our mind and body and prevent and treat diseases. We must also make some preparations before massage to make the massage more comfortable. Let's take a look at these important preparations before massage in Dubai.

Things to do before massage:

1, environmental preparation

In Dubai, Massage can be operated in any environment, but a warm, comfortable, clean, and quiet environment is better than a noisy and messy environment, which allows us to get the best psychological and physical relaxation. The environment of a leisure place is specially designed. It is not as well-established and static as an office. It can be diversified, as long as it makes us feel comfortable.


We can put some soothing and quiet music in the massage room. Generally, this kind of music can calm your impulsive heart and stabilize your mood. Of course, this depends on personal preference. If you like other music, you can also choose other music, this is also really good for a foot massage.


A woman who sprays perfume would be more sexy. If you pass by a woman with perfume smell, you will feel refreshed. This is the effect of perfume. It can make you feel better and make you feel happy. Perfume can be used not only on people, but also in the environment. Spray some perfume or freshener in the massage room. The smell of this scent can relax you as soon as you enter the door. Of course, spray perfume must be controlled. Don't spray too much, if you spray too much it will not smell good.

Turn off the phone

Modern people don't leave their hands with their phones. They always bring their mobile phones to the toilet. When you get a massage in Dubai, you will also use mobile phones. Why can't you just enjoy the massage wholeheartedly? Playing with your mobile phone while massaging will shift your attention to your mobile phone, and the comfort of massage will decrease. Massage is originally a relaxing thing, so why bother your eyes? Therefore, it is recommended that you put down your mobile phone during the massage.

2. Item preparation

Massage bed

When being massaged by the masseur, they are lying on the bed. Therefore, the choice of massage bed is also very important. The massage bed cannot be too high or too low. Too high or too low is not conducive to the massage. Single beds in ordinary families are generally more suitable.


The massage time is a bit long, sometimes the person being massaged has to maintain a posture for a long time. At this time, using a soft pillow can relieve the discomfort caused by a long-term fixed position. , Put a soft pillow in front of the calf.

Essential oil

In order to make the massage operation more convenient, it is good to apply some essential oil, or lotion, which can reduce the damage to the skin of both parties during the massage. And also, this kind of essential oil massage in Dubai will be more effective than usual.

3, mental preparation

Feel relaxed, this is a requirement for the person being massaged. This is the same reason that the doctor wants you to relax during the injection. If you do not relax during the injection, you will find that the injection is very painful, and it will also hurt after the injection. If you are nervous during the massage, then your muscles If you don’t relax, the masseuse is prone to improper technique, and the effect will be greatly reduced. Of course, if the person being massaged is nervous, the masseur should help him relax, make him trust you, use gentle and comfortable techniques, and chat.

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