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Introduce the 5 major benefits of foot massage in detail

In Dubai, we know that massage is the best way to relax your body and mind. Massaging the soles of the feet is a good way to improve the physical condition. So, what are the specific effects of massaging the soles of the feet on the body? Is the foot massage or the full body massage in Dubai effective? Let's take a look with me.

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The connection between feet and physical health

Foot and brain.

Although the feet are farthest from the brain, the feet have a special connection with the brain through countless nerve endings. Insufficient stimulation of the feet will cause the cerebral cortex to lose the balance between excitement and inhibition, leading to insomnia, dreaminess, and nervousness.

Feet and blood circulation.

The feet are far away from the heart, and the blood circulation of the feet has become the most difficult part of the blood circulation process of the whole body. Poor circulation of the feet can easily lead to varicose veins, arterial embolism and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Feet and human toxins.

Many toxins produced by metabolism in the body are easily deposited on the feet and cause many diseases. For example, the deposition of lactic acid, phenols, and aromatic amines can cause physical and mental fatigue, fatigue, and lethargy; the deposition of uric acid can cause gout and edema.

Feet and germs.

Bacteria and fungus are easy to breed on the feet. In addition to causing athlete's foot and foot odor, they are also closely related to many infectious diseases of the genitals.

5 benefits of the soles of the feet massage in Dubai

Promote blood circulation in the body

Whether the blood circulation is normal or not has an important relationship with the full body, and the soles of the feet massage can improve the blood circulation in the body, increase the body temperature of the feet, and finally achieve the normal effect of promoting the blood circulation throughout the body. Experiments have proved that after a healthy normal person undergoes foot massage for half an hour, the blood flow of the whole body can increase by more than ten times at most, which shows the benefits of foot massage.

Promote metabolism in the body

After the circulation of blood increases, the body will be able to secrete more various hormones, such as adrenaline, which can promote metabolism in the body, and finally achieve the effect of improving human immunity and resistance.

Relieve muscle fatigue

If the muscles of the human body are fatigued, then the blood circulation is the first problem, especially the blood circulation of the feet. The metabolism product lactic acid in the body is accumulated in the body and cannot be excreted from the body in time. This is the muscle. The main reason for fatigue. If you want to effectively relieve muscle fatigue, then massaging the soles of the feet is the simplest but also the most effective method. On the other hand, it can relieve muscle soreness by the Dubai Massage.

Improve sleep quality

Due to the continuous improvement of living pressure, the spirit of modern people is also in a state of high tension for a long time, which also leads to insomnia, dreaminess and so on. If you want to provide quality sleep, then massaging the soles of the feet is a very good choice.

Detox and beauty

Massage the soles of the feet can also eliminate excess toxins in the body, especially after massaging the soles of the feet, take a glass of cold water. This is because after massaging the soles of the feet, the blood circulation and metabolism in the body will be significantly accelerated, which can effectively eliminate excess waste in the body, improve kidney function, and people will become more energetic and younger.

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