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The method of Dubai massage at home to lower blood pressure

In Dubai, more and more girls with high blood pressure need to take care of themselves daily. They must pay attention to their diet and exercise properly. In addition, the full body massage in Dubai can also help us lower blood pressure. Let's take a look at the self-massage method for lowering blood pressure. Hypertension has become a high-incidence disease of modern people.

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Not only the elderly will suffer from high blood pressure, but many young Dubai people also suffer from high blood pressure. After suffering from high blood pressure, it is necessary to control blood pressure daily. Massage is a good method. Let's take a look at massage methods for lowering blood pressure.

Massage method to lower blood pressure

1. Massage the head

This is a commonly used method of lowering blood pressure, which is commonly used in patients with hypertension and has a very good effect on lowering blood pressure. Rub the heat with both hands and rub the face several times, then from the front of the forehead to the occipital area, press the shoulders down to the front of the forehead, and then massage down to the chest. Repeated massage about 20 times , Can effectively lower blood pressure.

2. Massage the chest

This massage method is very simple and easy to perform, and it has a very good auxiliary effect on the treatment of hypertension. During exercise, patients with hypertension should open their feet naturally, turn their upper limbs to the right, and at the same time drive both arms to bend the elbows, massage the right palm in the front area of ​​the heart, and the back of the left hand in the back area of ​​the heart, massage 10-15 times. At the same time, you can also do a massage for you abdomen, it is good for your body.

3. Massage the back

Massage the back is a very simple method of lowering blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure can do it by themselves. The specific operation method is to stand naturally on both feet, make a fist with both hands, and massage the lower back at the same time. The technique is gentle and does not use too much force. Massage the two hands from top to bottom 10 times, which is very helpful for hypertensive patients.

4. Massage the feet

Patients with high blood pressure should actively use the time of bed rest for effective massage therapy. When lying on the back, massage the feet alternately to make the soles of the feet warm. After massaging the soles of the feet, blood circulates throughout the body and prevents blood pressure from rising.

The above introduces the massage in Dubai method for lowering blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure can learn a lesson. In addition, patients with high blood pressure should pay attention to their diet daily, eat less high-calorie, spicy food, and have a light diet.

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