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Massaging the Scalp Can Relieve Hair Loss

In Dubai, with the increasing pressure of work, more and more middle-aged people began to lose their hair early. Among them, many hair loss friends learned that scalp massage can promote the growth of scalp cells, slow down hair loss and promote growth. In fact, scalp massage is simple, convenient, and low-cost, making it the first choice for everyone. Friends will definitely think that massaging the scalp or if you have more time, a full body massage in Dubai are both good ways.

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Simply pressing it every day can relax your mind and cure hair loss. Why not do it. Therefore, massage the scalp every day when shampooing and hair loss treatment. But after a while, I found that the hair loss has increased. I don't know if it is the reason of the treatment or something else is wrong. Today I will tell you about the massage method and experience of scalp massage.

Alopecia is the phenomenon of hair falling out. The hair that falls out normally is the hair in the catagen and telogen phases. Since the hairs entering the catagen and the new anagen are constantly in a dynamic balance, the normal amount of hair can be maintained. The above is normal physiological hair loss. However, once there is a large amount of pathological alopecia hair loss, it will bring troubles to health. How to prevent excessive hair loss? The following will introduce you to the massage method of health care scalp.

Keep your fingers perpendicular to your scalp. Massage into scalp with fingertips and fingertips. Press firmly, don't knead, shake your hands left and right, feel the hair and scalp under your fingers are moving accordingly. Hold for 2 or 3 seconds to release, and continue to press in another place. Massage the entire head once. Pay attention to disinfect your hands before massage.

Scalp massage requires attention, the pressing time is relatively short, and it should be slightly lighter. Some friends press hard, and the scalp is bruised, red and swollen, which is not right. Do not massage each part of the scalp for more than half a minute, otherwise it will cause excessive force on the subcutaneous capillaries, which will lead to closure. Sometimes we can use tools, such as massage combs. If you have enough time, you can also try some body to body massage in Dubai, you can see a better effect!

Head massage is mainly about pressing, and rarely rubbing the scalp. Pressing the scalp frequently can relieve stress, relieve mood, promote blood circulation, enhance hair follicle cell metabolism, and change the state of the epidermis. In addition, if the hair loss is serious, or the hair does not grow for a long time, you can spray the hair matrix nutrient solution on the scalp before massage, absorb it through the skin, and directly act on the hair follicles, which can improve the state of epidermal cells, suppress hair loss and promote hair growth.

To massage the scalp, you need to use this scientific and correct method. First of all, the intensity should be moderate. If it is too light, it will not achieve the massage effect. If it is too heavy, it will damage the hair follicles and hair roots, causing the mechanical hair loss of pulling. Second, when massaging, it is best to apply some of this moisturizing care oil on the scalp, so that the massage will be smoother. Not only for Relieve Hair Loss, it can also make your hair double!

Try not to eat too greasy food in life to avoid seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp, otherwise it may also cause hair loss symptoms.

Scalp massage can greatly relieve hair loss. Generally, hair loss is caused by poor blood pressure circulation or poor physical function. If you can comb your hair with a comb for more than 10 minutes a day, it will have a good relaxing effect on the scalp, which can also reduce hair loss. Eat more light food and eat less greasy food, which will also reduce hair loss.

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