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How to scientifically massage the scalp to double the volume of hair?

In Dubai, regardless of gender, a beautiful head of hair will make the whole person look beautiful. However, people with less and less hair volume are missing more and more people. Speaking of small maintenance methods to regenerate hair, everyone knows a lot, such as diet therapy, washing and care, massage, etc., which can help hair grow again. However, recently I have also received feedback from many friends that they are doing scalp care diligently every day, but it seems to be useless? So does a head massage or a full body massage in Dubai really work?

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Head massage, are you really pressing it right?

What are the benefits of a scalp massage

1. Help microcirculation to be better

Scalp massage is mainly to help the capillaries on the scalp to be healthier, to make the blood circulation stronger and to help the microcirculation to be better.

As long as the blood circulation in the head is good, sufficient nutrients will be provided to the hair follicles, more nutrients and oxygen will be provided to the head, and the energy of the whole person will become full. Therefore, scalp massage is not only beneficial to the healthy growth of hair, but also has a certain preventive and maintenance effect on hair loss and gray hair


2. Reduce light scalp tension

As a social animal, I know that contemporary young people are not easy. They are stressed and nervous, and they are prone to scalp tightness and numbness. At this time, how to massage the scalp at home from time to time is the simplest and most convenient way of physical therapy. It not only relieves the tightness of the scalp, but also relieves the tension. Pressing it every day makes the whole person feel more relaxed.

3. Slow down scalp aging

As the saying goes, the face and scalp are one skin, if our scalp ages, it will naturally affect the aging of the facial skin. Therefore, daily scalp massage and scalp maintenance can greatly slow down the aging speed of facial skin! Not only these 3 points, you also need to know these for the massage?

How to Properly Scalp Massage?

1. Simple scalp massage method: comb hair

Use a horn comb to prevent static electricity well. From the top of the head to the back of the head, from the root to the end of the hair, comb it vigorously and moderately for 10-15 minutes every day, and feel the scalp is slightly warm.

You can comb it before going to bed to relax the tired body and mind of the day. At the same time, it should be noted that it is not suitable to comb the hair just after washing, because the hair follicles are open at this time, and the slight friction between the comb and the hair will damage the cuticles. It is not suitable to comb your hair just after eating a full meal, because at this time, the blood of the human body must be concentrated in the stomach to digest food.

2. Money-saving scalp massage method: finger pulp massage

When massaging with your fingertips, pay attention to combing your hair smoothly to avoid pulling it. It is best to lie flat and massage yourself or let others massage. It is a good enjoyment.

When massaging, the strength of the fingers should be even and steady, bend the fingers, massage the scalp with the pulp of the fingers, and then use the strength of the fingers to shake back and forth 10-15 times, and then switch to another part after one part is finished.

3. Whole scalp massage method: Core area massage

Before core area massage, we first rub our hands to make them slightly warm, and use our fingertips to comb from the ears from bottom to top to the hairpin, repeating 10-15 times. Then use the tips of the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger of both hands to pat the head slightly along the hairline in the middle, or do 10-15 times. If this massage is not enough for your body, you can also choose the Dubai massage full service from us.

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