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Something you need to know to a full body massage in Dubai

In Dubai, more and more people have realized that massage is helpful for their own health. Some people may like to choose foot massage or head massage if they are busy with work. But if there is enough time, people prefer to have a full body massage in Dubai. Some people also like to try full-body massage at home, but it should be noted that the massage must be in order, and it is not allowed to massage without order. In general, a complete zonal continuum, usually starting with the head in steps, progressing to the back of the neck, hands, muscles and feet. Let's take a look at why massage should be in order.

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A full body massage needs to be done in order from top to bottom, massaging the head, shoulders, back, buttocks and massaging the feet and arms. A full body massage can start from the neck. Start from the neck, massage gently from bottom to top from the second cervical vertebra to the seventh cervical vertebra. Next, massage from bottom to top along the muscles on both sides of the cervical spine. Finally, massage from bottom to top along both sides of the cervical spine. The technique should be light, because there are a large number of blood vessels on both sides. You can choose a massage in Dubai at home after hot water bath, which can effectively relieve local pain.

Let's take a look at it in detail:

Massage starts from the head, because the organs and tissues in the human body have various functions, are closely connected and coordinated with each other, and maintain the operation and activities of life. The central nervous system mainly controls the functions of various organs and tissues of the whole body, and the brain is the most advanced comprehensive center of the nervous system. The movements of the limbs, the feeling of the heart and many mental functions (such as learning, memory, understanding, judgment, etc.), as well as the blood vessels Stretch and contraction, control of breathing and heartbeat, constant body temperature, etc., are all handled by the brain, which makes the various tissues and organs of the internal organs work normally.

The second is the massage of the back of the neck, because the spinal cord is the cylindrical extension of the central nervous system and the nerve linker between the brain and body organs, so the spine of the back of the neck is particularly important. Nerve impulses from the brain are transmitted to various organs through the spinal cord, and sensory nerves from the skin and various organs are also first transmitted to the spinal cord and then transferred to the brain. Because there are many nerves in this part, special attention should be paid to the technique and intensity of massage. If you have time, after this, you can do some back massage, it will make your body (back) sexy, if you don’t, then just next step.

Then there is the massage of both hands. The massage direction should be determined according to the nature of the disease and different area selection systems, and be flexibly mastered and used according to the condition.

The last is the massage of muscles and feet. The parts to be massaged should be determined according to the exercise situation and the degree of fatigue. Muscle massage is mainly to eliminate muscle stiffness and facial fatigue, promote venous blood return, reduce the burden on the heart, eliminate lactic acid, and accelerate body recovery. Massaging the feet can promote blood circulation on the soles of the feet and protect the feet.

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