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Dubai Massage Makes Your Back Sexy

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

In Dubai, many people are diligent in taking care of their faces, but they often ignore the skin on their backs. Some people even have acne on their backs. If you want to have a smooth and fair back, back care is also very important. How to take care of the back skin? Back care starts with thorough cleansing, regular exfoliation, and moisturizing products after bathing. Try to get some back massages if possible, and if you have more energy and money, a full body massage in Dubai is even better.

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How to deal with back acne

The back is one of the parts with the most exuberant sebum secretion, and the stratum corneum of this part is particularly thick, and its metabolism is slower than that of the face, which is prone to clogged pores.

If you find that your back often has acne, acne, etc., you should do a good job of cleaning and nursing your back. The order of bathing actually has a great impact on the skin on the back. If you are used to bathing first and then washing your hair, you should pay attention to whether there is shampoo left on the back and whether the skin on the back has been really rinsed, so as not to damage your skin.

Clogged skin pores, and even allergies.

1: bath salt bath acne

Rinse the back with warm water first, let the pores of the back fully open, and then apply bath salts specially designed for acne treatment. If you don’t have bath salts, you can use ordinary table salt instead, which can also reduce inflammation and acne. It should be noted that the bath water It is best to use warm water. Too hot or too cold will irritate the skin on the back. If you take a bath in a bathtub, it is more likely to cause cross-infection. Therefore, it is best to use bath salts in the shower. On the other hand, there would be much more benefits than you believe to get a massage after bath.

2: Massage the back with a bath brush

Massage with a bath brush after applying bath salts on the back. The choice of bath brush should be a long-handled brush with soft and gentle bristles, otherwise it will easily damage the skin on the back, causing acne to rupture, inflame and fester. First, you can use your left and right hands to scrub your back up and down, and then massage your back in a rotating counterclockwise direction, which can effectively promote acne. Metabolism accelerates blood circulation.

3: choose acne products to apply

The anti-acne products used on the face are also effective for back acne, because the main cause of acne is excessive oil secretion that leads to clogged pores. After taking a bath, use a dry towel to dry the body and apply anti-acne and anti-inflammatory products, can effectively reduce the inflammation of the back, and at the same time moisturize the back skin and soften the rough cutin. Or you can buy sulfur cleansing soap and use it in the bath, which can further relieve the acne on the back. Moreover, you can also try to get some anti-acne diet at the same time.

4: Relax with essential oil massage

You can choose to an essential oil massage in Dubai at home after taking a bath every day, which can not only enhance the activity of the back skin, improve the antioxidant capacity, remove internal dirt, but also soothe back muscles and eliminate fatigue from work.

5: Tighten the back skin

Finally, if you want to have a sexy back curve, you might as well try to use hot and cold water alternately to help shape the back curve. In the last few minutes of bathing, alternately spray cold water and hot water on the back to stimulate the lymphatic drainage of the back, and at the same time make the muscles of the back more moist and firm

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