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Massage your head every night before going to bed

Nowadays, most of the Dubai people are in a sub-health state, and there are many health-preserving people. What they pursue is to maintain good health and reduce health problems. When it comes to maintaining health, there are still many ways, and one way is very good. Many people will find massage centers to get a professional body massage in Dubai. In fact, you can do it yourself at home without the help of others. As long as you massage the head with the fingers of both hands before going to bed, it can bring many benefits to the body.

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What are the benefits of giving a head massage every night before going to bed?

The head is full of blood vessels. When you massage the head with your fingers, the meridians of the head will be smoother, the blood circulation will be improved, and the blood supply to the head will be better. If there is discomfort in the head, you can try to massage the head with your hands, which can help to relax, relieve the discomfort, and make the mind more awake.

Massaging the head can also help improve neurasthenia. People who use the brain a lot at ordinary times can massage the head several times before going to bed every day, which can relax the brain slowly, and the nerves will not always be tense. Regular massage can also reduce the occurrence of dementia and forgetfulness.

The head can lead to the liver and kidneys. If you can massage regularly, it can help protect the liver and kidneys, reduce their damage, and bring many benefits to the body. The metabolism of the body can be maintained in a good state, and massage before going to bed will also help sleep, and the quality of sleep will be significantly improved. At the same time, you can even makes breasts more beautiful by the massage.

What should I pay attention to when massaging the head?

The strength and rhythm of massaging the head must be mastered well in order to play a better effect. If the force is too heavy or too light, it will not work. If it is too heavy, it will easily bring discomfort to the body. If it is too light, it will not be effective. The intensity can be determined according to different situations. When the body is more tired, you can use a little more force. The rhythm of the full body massage in Dubai should be kept the same, not fast at one time and very slow at the same time, which will easily affect the effect and make people uncomfortable.

In addition to massaging your head with your hands, you can also do this

The way to massage the head is not only to massage with your hands, but also to use a comb to your hair. Some people will say that you don't use a comb to comb your hair every day. That's true, but you only brush your hair roughly every day, and it's not comprehensive. The choice of comb is also different. If you can use a wooden comb or a horn comb to comb the entire head every morning and evening, it can help improve blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and maintain the scalp. It should be noted that the speed of combing the hair should not be too fast. Too fast will affect the health of the scalp and will easily cause damage.

Doing a massage on the head every night has many benefits. You can try it and you may be able to find changes in your body. The method is actually not difficult, as long as you rub your head with your fingers, or comb your hair with a comb, you can do it. Those who keep doing it will benefit the body a lot. Of course, when massaging, you should pay attention to avoid injury.

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