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Massage in Dubai can improve dysmenorrhea

Many women may have experienced dysmenorrhea, or are still suffering from dysmenorrhea. So, how to treat dysmenorrhea? There are many reasons for women's dysmenorrhea. In the treatment of dysmenorrhea, in addition to avoiding cold food and keeping warm, a full body Dubai massage of traditional medicine can also be used to relieve dysmenorrhea, which can achieve better results.

Honey (From Japan) can make the best body to body massage in Dubai.

Massage in Dubai at Home
Dubai Nuru Massage - Honey

For the treatment of dysmenorrhea by a Dubai massage at home, it is generally recommended to start treatment 5-7 days before menstruation, stop after menstrual cramps, and perform manual treatment again before the next menstruation. Therefore, the treatment must be performed when there is pain in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral area before menstruation. If the technique is used properly, the menstrual period can be advanced by 1 to 2 days, and the pain will disappear or alleviate as the menstrual blood is discharged. Massage in not only good for dysmenorrhea, it can also treat the frozen shoulder.

8 tips to relieve dysmenorrhea

1. Be sure to keep your waist warm. Women's waist is a sensitive area for health. If women often wear low-waisted trousers in winter, the waist is easy to catch cold, and the lower part of the body is easy to catch cold, which directly leads to female palace cold. Female palace cold will cause cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.

2. Pay attention to keeping the blood circulation in the lower body unblocked. Lack of exercise in the lower body can lead to pelvic congestion and aggravation of dysmenorrhea. At the same time, it is not good for the heart and blood vessels, and it can also cause women's breasts to sag. In addition, women’s genitals are always moist, and too much moisture can cause vaginitis to cause women’s dysmenorrhea, and airtight sanitary pads should be used as little as possible.

3. Attention should be paid to proper conditioning in daily life. To live a regular life. Sleep when you sleep, and eat when you eat. A proper combination of work and rest is very important. Sleep time must be guaranteed. This is very helpful for physical health and relaxation of nerves.

4. Eat less irritating food

Do not eat cold or spicy foods before or during menstruation. Especially don't catch cold, otherwise it is easy to increase the degree of dysmenorrhea. Of course, if you drink more ginger syrup appropriately, the effect will be even better.

5. Strengthen exercise

It is necessary to strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, and enhance the ability of women's body to adapt to the cold. Even if you walk a little more on weekdays, frequent brisk walking can improve blood circulation and make the whole body warm. And while strengthening exercise, you also need to maintain a happy mood and a positive attitude towards life in life, which plays a vital role in the health of women.

6. Pay attention to your diet

In the diet, eating more warm foods, such as lamb, beef, etc., and less cold foods, such as cold drinks, especially fasting irritating foods such as cold and spicy food during menstruation, can effectively prevent dysmenorrhea.

7. Perform regular health check-ups In daily life, you can also do regular health check-ups for women to check the health of women's bodies, understand what causes women's dysmenorrhea, and treat them according to the specific conditions.

8. Combination of work and rest

Patients with dysmenorrhea should pay attention to ensuring adequate sleep during menstruation, and work and work as usual, but strenuous exercise, such as playing ball, swimming, and running, should be forbidden to cause recurrent dysmenorrhea. Some white-collar women who have abdominal pain during menstruation are not allowed to sit at the desk next to the computer for a long time, and should walk around appropriately.

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