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Use Dubai massage to treat frozen shoulder

With the development of Dubai city, people's work is getting heavier and heavier, and the length of work has been increasing. This has caused many workers to be unable to move their bodies for a long time, especially the neck area, which indirectly leads to the appearance of frozen shoulder. Let's take a look at how to use neck massage or a full body massage in Dubai to relieve shoulder pain when suffering from frozen shoulder.

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First of all, let's understand what is the frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder refers to a disease in which the soft tissues around the bones of the shoulder joint, such as cartilage, muscles, etc., have been damaged by tissue and inflammation. The main affected population is middle-aged and elderly people, but if young people lack exercise for a long time, they can also cause damage to the shoulder joints, leading to frozen shoulder. But it should be noted that if it is a patient with frozen shoulder within one month, do not use this massage method, otherwise it may cause aggravation of frozen shoulder and cause more severe pain.  

What are the effects of suffering from frozen shoulder?

1. Weather changes and worsening of the disease: Patients with frozen shoulder symptoms often feel that the pain becomes more serious at night or when the weather changes and turns cold, which seriously affects the life and work of the patient.

2. Pain: This is the most obvious symptom in patients with frozen shoulder. Patients always think that if they can tolerate slight pain or inflexible shoulder joint movements, take a little rest and stop using it, the pain of frozen shoulder will be the same. Will reduce a lot.

3. Affect sleep: The patient has frozen shoulder without treatment in time, and it drags on day by day. Originally, the shoulder pain is only felt when moving; later, it becomes painful even during night sleep, which affects the patient's sleep.

4. Affecting life details: shoulder joint pain makes it impossible for patients to raise and grasp the armrests in the subway car. What's more, ladies can't comb their hair, button up skirts, dry clothes and other details that seriously affect life. Over time, if it is right-handed and right shoulder periarthritis, it will cause considerable inconvenience to daily life and work.

How should I massage if I suffer from frozen shoulder?

Many people do not fully understand the disease of frozen shoulder, which leads to the failure to detect the disease in time when the disease appears, because the lack of timely treatment leads to more pain in the body. Frozen shoulder is not a disease that is difficult to return to normal. You only need to master the correct massage method such as deep tissue massage, tantric massage or a body to body massage in Dubai , which can not only relieve the pain, but also restore the body to health.

Massage is one of the most important ways to treat frozen shoulder. The specific method is as follows: the patient does it properly, and then relax the hand suffering from frozen shoulder. The doctor grasps the patient's count pen with one hand, and then performs massage in Dubai at home with the other hand. The focus of massage should be on the front of the shoulders, the deltoid muscles and the inner side of the upper arm.

If the you're afraid of pain, it will cause tension in the muscles around the shoulders. At this time, you can choose the supine position, and then slightly expand and bend the sick hand to about ninety degrees, and then massage. You can also try a head massage before bed time, you will get the amazing experience from it.

The above is the introduction of how to relieve frozen shoulder. The main method is to use massage to find the corresponding point for massage, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of the patient with frozen shoulder. It means that if the medicine is applied to the shoulder joint, the medicine effect is not particularly good, because the shoulder joint is mainly bone, and the medicine is not easy to penetrate. Hope the above knowledge can be helpful to you.


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