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Massage before bed has great benefits for the body

In Dubai, massage is a well-known medical treatment. If people get some freedom minutes, they would like to spend then in the massage centers in Dubai. They know that the body massage in Dubai is such an effective way to relax the mind and body for them. In addition to treating some diseases on the body, massage has good health and health effects. Not only going to the professional centers, but also at home, you can also do it when you want. Massage your body before bedtime is equivalent to nourishing your body. Let ’s take a look at where to go for health care.

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What kind of massage is suitable for bed time?

1, Massage the head

Massage method: Put the thumbs of both hands on the temples on both sides, and put the other four fingers on the arch of the eyebrows. Push both hands firmly to the top of the head. After the fingers are combed into the hair, the thumbs leave the temples to resist the core area, and rub the index fingers with both hands For the back of the neck, repeat the movement for 3-5 minutes.

Efficacy: people who suffer from insomnia and headache due to stressful work and stressful life can use this massage method. To relax the scalp and relieve the symptoms of dizziness and insomnia. We can get more than them by full body massage in Dubai than I told you.

2, massage the legs

Massage method: Sit upright on the bed with your legs slightly bent. Use your left and right hands to massage the Achilles tendon of the left and right legs, and press the Achilles tendon with your thumb until you feel sore.

Effects: The Achilles tendon part is very effective for human health. Frequent massage of the Achilles tendon part is said to be able to maintain the gastrointestinal system and also treat diarrhea, indigestion and other diseases.

3, massage the soles of the feet

Massage method: select the soles of the soles of the feet, rub the soles of your left palm for 2 minutes, and then repeat the action on the other side.

Effect: An important part of the sole of the foot, massaging the soles of the feet can enhance brain power and calm the mind. In addition, summer massage before bed can also play a role in eliminating heat.

After reading the above, I believe that everyone has a new understanding of where massage before bed can play a role in health care. In fact, in addition to massage before bed, it can play a health role, and following some bedtime taboos can do more with less. Let's hurry and see what matters need attention before going to bed. On the other hand, before you going to do the self-massage, you have to get more knowledge about them, there are some side effects in massage, so you need to know them better.

Avoid taboos before going to bed

1, should not be too excited before going to bed

Emotional quality is very important for having a good sleep quality. Some friends have responded that if they are too excited before going to bed, they will not sleep well. Experts remind you to keep your emotions stable before going to bed to avoid emotional effects. To the nerve center, which reduces sleep quality.

2, should not eat too full before going to bed

They all say, “Eat well in the morning, full at noon, and less in the evening”. From this sentence, we can know that dinner should not be eaten too much. If you eat too much before bed, the internal organs of the body will be in you. Continue to work after falling asleep, which will increase the burden on the organs and cause physical discomfort in the long run.

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