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Luxurious Japanese oil massage is the most popular among female bathers

In recent years, in Dubai, the leisure industry has developed rapidly, and many internationally popular projects have also been introduced to Dubai. In Japan, all the top bathing centers have their own unique projects. This kind of Japanese oil massage is the most popular among female customers, and it is also an excellent way of special health care. Let’s learn about this very attractive Japanese essential oil massage in Dubai.

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Massage in Dubai Body to Body
Dubai Massage Full Service

Japanese-style oil pressure massage requires a high level of technique by female technicians. During the massage and oil pouring process, it is required to use advanced rolling techniques to gently push and press, which is a bit Japanese.

The masseuse would shower and cleanse her body 20 minutes before the massage. She put on light makeup, wore a coarse cloth skirt, medium and low heels, and could only wear a wrapped chest without a bra. Even the underwear, including the quality that can only be customized by the club, is very uniform and standardized, and the whole person looks very beautiful. This oil massage is also good for keep slim in winter.

The Dubai body to body massage process mainly focuses on pushing, pressing, and touching. The female technicians have rich knowledge of essential oils and techniques, and they will use a variety of aromatic oils in the massage. The oil presses all the guests up and down the body and along the direction of muscle fibers, and the second step is along the lymphatic system. Walking direction, and massage in the third step to see the direction of blood vessel running. After 120 minutes, it gives people a relaxed, natural and comfortable feeling.

The masseuse will use a lot of force in the Japanese massage, and basically sweats all over the body after the massage is completed, and the clothes are basically completely wet. For physical reasons, it can serve up to three customers a day, and after each completion, all the clothes will be renewed.

This kind of Japanese oil pressure is very good, so that the muscle fibers are passively massaged, and the muscle nutrition is metabolized and relaxed under the action of essential oils. The stretched muscles are very comfortable, and the muscle tolerance will be further improved.

So not only ladies like it, but also many female dancers, female white-collar workers, female power workers and other professional ladies will use this massage method to reduce muscle tension and relieve muscle soreness and other problems.

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