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Keep slim in winter, essential oil massage is the most suitable

In Dubai, although the temperature in winter is relatively high, winter is the season when it is easiest to accumulate fat. If you don’t pay attention, you will gain weight unconsciously! Beauties need to always pay attention to maintain their figure! Today, I will recommend to you a way to maintain a good figure in winter - essential oil massage. Girls who don't want to go on a diet and don't want to exercise may wish to try essential oil massage. However, the effect of essential oil massage has a lot to do with body massage in Dubai, and it needs long-term persistence, and the effect cannot be achieved once or twice.

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Massaging with essential oils can make the body muscles more firm and get rid of annoying puffiness. Because through the stimulation of massage, the essential oil penetrates into the skin and can dredge the lymphatic tissue, eliminate accumulated toxins, help break down fat, and eliminate excess water in the body, so it can detoxify and effectively tighten the skin. In addition, essential oil massage can also promote blood circulation in the skin, promote cell regeneration, and restore skin elasticity. In addition, using essential oils to massage the skin has the effect of adjusting the oil secretion of the skin, maintaining the acid-base balance of the skin, making the skin's oil not easy to accumulate, avoiding various blocking phenomena, and avoiding skin aging.

1. Gently massage: This should be the most useful technique in the essential oil massage method. It refers to a series of gentle and soothing movements, which can make the essential oil penetrate into the body and make the whole body relax and stable. When massaging, please use your entire palm, not just your fingers, and relax your hands. The force can be strong or soft, and the movements can be large or small. This will relax the muscles, increase blood circulation, relieve tension and stress.

2. Shiatsu massage: This technique is like kneading dough. The thumb can apply a little force, but the movement should be slow and moderate. These movements are of great help to the fat-thick parts and the back, so that they can relax the muscles, promote the flow of blood and lymph, and assist the discharge of toxins in the body.

Using the aforementioned two basic techniques, all massage methods applied to various parts of the body must be directed toward

Using the above two basic techniques, all massage methods applied to various parts of the body must be massaged towards the heart. When massaging young children, the elderly and the weak, please use gentle sliding and stroking movements. If you like sports or fitness, especially after rope skipping, you'd better have a massage.

The most suitable essential oil selection for essential oil massage in winter:

1. Lavender essential oil: If you want a facial massage, you can choose lavender essential oil, because this essential oil can improve skin texture, whiten and moisturize the skin. Because lavender essential oil is mild in nature, it is suitable for most skin types.

2. Tea tree essential oil: tea tree essential oil is also one of the commonly used essential oils for facial massage. Tea tree essential oil has an excellent effect of purifying the skin, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and can also relieve skin symptoms such as acne, acne, acne, etc., and can strengthen the skin immune system.

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