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Soothe sore legs with a massage in Dubai after skipping rope

In Dubai, as the weather gets warmer, people start to lose weight again. Taking advantage of the good weather, whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is very comfortable to do some proper exercise. Generally speaking, the most popular sports: running, rope skipping, yoga, etc. are highly compatible. Which one is the easiest? Then there is nothing better than skipping rope. Rope skipping is a common aerobic exercise, which can consume calories and fat in a short period of time. However, some people will experience leg soreness after skipping rope, and it usually takes about a week to return to normal. But if you can do some body massage in Dubai or leg massage, you can recover quickly.

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Why do my legs hurt after jumping rope?

Skipping rope can not only help you lose weight, but also make the muscles of the whole body well-proportioned and strong. At the same time, it will fully exercise your respiratory system, heart, and cardiovascular system. However, if you skip rope directly without exercising for a long time, it will cause leg pain. When skipping rope, the leg muscles will be repeatedly stimulated, resulting in delayed muscle soreness. Delayed muscle soreness usually occurs on the second day after rope skipping. The muscles cannot adapt immediately, exceeding the normal burden, and the muscle fibers are ruptured and inflamed, which intensifies the pain.

Another part of the population will experience acute muscle soreness immediately after exercise, mainly because a large amount of lactic acid is produced by anaerobic metabolism, which stimulates the nerve endings. For those who skip rope for the first time, start with a small dose and slow down, and then slowly increase the difficulty and quantity, so that the body can adapt.

What to do if your legs hurt after jumping rope?

1. Massage the local area

Local massage can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, strengthen the local blood supply, help eliminate fatigue, and also improve the working ability of muscles. After skipping rope, you can also take 15 minutes of static stretching, which not only relieves leg pain, but also eliminates lactic acid, which relieves the thick legs caused by muscle stiffness. Actually, not only this local massage, a full body massage in Dubai will be better if you have more time to do it.

2. Insist on taking a hot bath

A hot bubble bath can promote blood circulation throughout the body, help transport nutrients, and decompose lactic acid. After skipping rope, you can take a hot bath to soothe your nerves and relieve fatigue. However, take a hot bath after half an hour of exercise, the water temperature is controlled at around 50°C. By this massage, it will also help relieve lower back sprains.

3. Pay more attention to rest

When the leg pain after skipping rope cannot be done too much leg exercise, it can be relieved by turning hula hoops or backstroke. In addition, you can also take a walk appropriately, which can promote local blood circulation, help break down lactic acid, and promote blood circulation. Body recovered. In addition, it can also be relieved by alternating hot and cold compresses. First use a towel to wrap ice cubes and apply them for 15 minutes, and then apply hot compresses for 15 minutes.

When people are skipping rope, the central nervous system of the cerebral cortex will always be in a state of tension, which causes the fatigue of the nervous system. After skipping rope, you can choose something relaxing and interesting, such as reading novels, watching TV, or listening to light music to relieve mental stress and tension, and help eliminate fatigue. After jumping rope, you can take 10 minutes to take a walk or jog until your heartbeat returns to calm.

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