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Is weight loss with essential oil massage in Dubai effective?

In Dubai, does weight loss with essential oil massage work? The answer is yes, in this hot city, outdoor sport is too difficult to people. Then a full body massage may be your another good option to lose weight at home. So what are the massage techniques? How to lose weight by massage, let's take a look with me. Essential oil massage for weight loss is more beneficial to edema type obesity.

The effect of essential oil weight loss depends on the type of obesity, and it also shows different. In general, if it is fat obesity, using essential oils to lose weight can only help shape, but can not effectively remove the fat, in this case using essential oils to lose weight is also prone to rebound.

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Essential oil massage in Dubai does have an effect on weight loss.

First of all, the natural plant essential oil has small molecular properties. This property of essential oil can make the essential oil quickly absorbed by the body, accelerate the circulation of capillaries, improve the function of lymphocyte detoxification, and transfer and consume fat in the body. When the essential oil is dredging the liver, gallbladder, and menstruation, it can effectively stimulate the secretion of appropriate amount of bile and accelerate the burning of fat.

Then, massage the body fat to make it soft and easy to burn. Even if there is usually a lack of exercise and fat accumulated in various parts of the body, as long as the actuation effect is superimposed under the correct massage technique, the effect of slimming is more obvious.

However, if it is edematous obesity, the body's metabolism is accelerated when using essential oil massage to lose weight, and the water is expelled from the body. In this case, weight loss is not easy to rebound.

How to do essential oil massage for weight loss

Choose essential oils according to the type of obesity:

1. Edema type: rosemary, juniper, lavender;

2. Fat type: lemon, rosemary, fennel;

3. Muscle type: lavender, geranium, citrus;

4. Comprehensive type: rosemary, geranium, lavender.

Essential oil massage in Dubai for various parts to lose weight:

Essential oil massage stovepipe technique After mixing the obtained materials evenly, dip the essential oil in both hands and encircle the legs with both hands, four fingers up, thumb down, gently press the legs with your fingers, and then massage the rest of the legs from bottom to top . When you reach the position of the thigh, you can press directly with your thumb for 6 seconds each time.

Massage the lymphatic system of the buttocks can help speed up detoxification of the legs, improve leg edema, and tighten leg muscles. It can help tighten the legs and eliminate annoying cellulite. Not only effective for weight loss, but also massage is benefit for resolve dark circles.

Essential oil massage weight loss considerations

1. Stop being physically unfit

Feel quite tired, fever or illness, body injury, be careful during pregnancy, it is best not to massage yourself, so as not to make the situation worse.

2. Do not apply essential oils directly on the body

A small bottle of essential oil is extracted from a large number of plants, so it is conceivable that the concentration will be relatively high, then we cannot apply the essential oil directly on the skin during the process of using the essential oil, because it will irritate the skin, Causes adverse physical effects.

Before use, it should be diluted with the base oil in essential oils, and rubbed on the hands before use, so that it will be safe to use. The concentration of essential oils is high to avoid skin irritation or other injuries.

3. It is best to do it after taking a bath

Massage weight loss is best done after taking a bath, which not only feels more comfortable, but also improves the effect of weight loss.

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