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Is the massage stronger, the effect better?

Nowadays, in Dubai, the pressure of life is getting more and more, many people will experience backache and back pain after work. Now more and more people like to go to massage parlors to relax themselves. Many people will use some spare time to do it Massage health care to help us alleviate the pain of the body.

Some people always feel that the more the massage is, the better the pain. So is this true? So, for us, the more painful the massage, the better? Any precautions? The answer is negative. Dubai massage is not the more painful the better, there are many things to pay attention to, and there are many precautions.

Merry is from Malaysia, she is so good at body to body Massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Full Service
Merry, best massage girl in Dubai

Massage is based on the theory of medicine, combined with anatomical and pathological diagnosis, and a method of acting on specific parts of the human body surface to adjust the physiological and pathological conditions of the body to achieve physical therapy.

Massage is not as painful as possible

Modern Dubai people have a stressful work life, and massage has gradually become a popular way of health. The right massage technique can relax the muscles, but it can easily hurt the body if the force is not applied properly or the masseur does not have the correct anatomy knowledge. Common full body massage in Dubai traumas include muscle ligament strains, local nerve injuries, joint dislocations, and fractures.

Pay more attention when stepping on your back. Because it is more difficult to control the strength with the foot than with the hand, it is easy to cause the spine joint to be misplaced when the masseur is overweight. In the same time, Dubai massage can also provide many benefits to your legs. In patients with osteoporosis, because the bones are fragile and cannot withstand excessive pressure, special care must be taken during massage. There have been accidents in which ribs and forearm bones were broken by masseuses.

In addition, massage is not as painful as possible. Sometimes repeated pressure on a pain point may make the pain last or even worse, because it may irritate soft tissues and damage nerves in the surrounding areas. The common parts of the nerves injured by massage are: sides of the neck, underarms, elbows, and outside of the knees. The nerves in these parts are mostly clamped in the "skinny" position. There is no thick muscle protection and it is easy to be injured. Nerve damage can paralyze the limbs, and can cause muscle weakness and loss of sensation in severe cases.

It can be seen that when performing massage therapy in Dubai, you must follow the rules and do not act arbitrarily.

Massage can be divided into three types: health massage, leisure massage and therapeutic massage in Dubai. Here we mainly talk about health leisure massage. Appropriate massage can rejuvenate, invigorate the spirit, and get rid of sub-health. As an external force, massage has four basic requirements: "even, soft, strong, and continuous." The softness is very important. Only when the massage strength is located in the combination of rigidity and softness, can it exert its maximum conditioning. Effect, the fork does not cause negative effects.

The best feeling during massage is a certain soreness, not pain. If the pain is so loud that it can't be tolerated, it is already severely abnormal. From a modern medical point of view, painful sites are often accompanied by aseptic inflammation of soft tissues. Pain is a self-protection mechanism of the human body that serves as a warning. If there is pain, it means that the action will cause harm to the human body. If severe pain occurs during the massage, you should stop in time to prevent adverse consequences.

In general, judging whether the massage is effective, should not be measured by whether it feels pain. The best massage stimulation intensity should be local soreness, fever, softness, slight sweating, redness, etc. Massaging under intensity can largely avoid causing body damage.

In addition, the most important thing is that if you want to experience a safe and effective massage, you must choose a regular qualified hospital or professional massage place. Randomly Dubai massage in some unqualified "black shops" is likely to cause unnecessary harm to the body.

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