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How to massage muscles correctly after exercise

In Dubai, with the improvement of living conditions, people pay more attention to their health and are more willing to take part in sports. Exercise is something we often do in our daily life. Through exercise, we can not only achieve the effect of strengthening and strengthening the body, but also achieve the effect of losing weight through exercise. However, you should also pay attention to the method when exercising. If the method is not correct, it will harm the body, especially muscle pain. This requires us to get a full body massage in Dubai to relax. Let's learn how to massage muscles after exercise?

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Post-exercise massage: Post-exercise massage can improve reflexes, regulate the function of the central nervous system, and eliminate fatigue. Lactic acid (anaerobic metabolites) accumulated in the muscles during exercise can be converted or discharged as soon as possible through post-exercise massage.

Here pay attention!

Post-exercise massage should generally be performed 20-30 minutes after exercise. The sequence of massage can be started by gently massaging in the same direction, and at the same time can be accompanied by local shaking, and the technique can be selected according to the different parts. Start with light pressing, gradually transition to acupressure, with local shaking and pay attention to starting from the limbs. At this time, if you have enough time to massage your breast, you will make it sexier for sure!

Warm water bath: Warm water bath (water temperature 30-40 ℃) has a calming effect on the heart activity and nervous system, and can better keep the skin clean, remove dust, dirt and sweat, and feel refreshed after the warm water bath, thereby accelerating blood circulation. Elimination of fatigue.

Muscle stretching, stretching muscles for 10 minutes after exercise can eliminate muscle tension. When stretching on the ground, be sure to lay a mat on the ground to prevent the wet on the ground from invading the body, otherwise the muscles and joints will experience more severe soreness. Sit down and rest after the heartbeat slows down. If you sit down and rest immediately after exercise, it will hinder the blood return of the lower limbs, affect blood circulation, and is not conducive to relieving fatigue. After doing activities with a relatively large amount of exercise, such as playing basketball, football, long-distance running, etc., you should walk for 5 to 10 minutes, and then sit down and rest when the heartbeat tends to ease.

Through the above introduction, we now know, after exercise, you can do the full service massage in Dubai to relax muscles. This is a method that can effectively relax muscles after exercise. It is also a way to prevent muscle pain or grow muscles. It is just massage, we must also pay attention to the correct technique and strength when we practice, so as to achieve the appropriate effect.

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