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Effective Dubai Massage Method to Thin Legs

In Dubai, stovepipe massage bid farewell to obesity. Most women have symptoms of lower body obesity. Fat tends to accumulate in the lower body. People with a so-called pear-shaped body make up the majority, and fat accumulates in the legs and buttocks. To avoid obesity in the lower body, you can use some tricks.

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Doesn't exercise without sweating lose weight? Wrong! Massage is the last word! Muscle legs that can't lose weight can be fixed with massage. As long as you stick to it for 2-3 weeks, you will see obvious changes, and you can do it anytime, anywhere, you can do the full body massage in Dubai when you are in the weekend or after work, you don't need to go to the gym, and your arms and legs will be thin and sexy.

Insist on using the leg massage technique in the exercise plan every day, and massage the parts of the legs freely for about 30 minutes. Bottom-up massage can open up the lymph nodes of the legs, promote lymphatic circulation, effectively reduce edema, and restore beautiful and sexy legs! At the same time. This kind massage is also helpful for eliminating brain fatigue quickly.

Step 1. Use both hands while squeezing the muscles of the calves while massaging up and down from the middle, constantly changing the pinched muscles, and repeat 5 times.

Step 2. Massage the calf muscles left and right like twisting a towel, changing the place of twisting from ankle to knee, repeat 5 times.

Step 3. Hold the calf with both hands, press the leg bone in front of the calf with your thumb, massage from bottom to top, repeat 3 times. In addition to the thumb, the other fingers should be massaged with greater intensity.

Step 4. Put your thumb on the knee, hold the thigh muscles with both hands and massage while pressing, repeat 5 times.

You can apply a large area first, drop some essential oils on the more fleshy parts of the legs, keep massaging, hug the thighs with two hands, and then move them with your thumb. Repeat about 20 times, and then you can transfer pressing and kneading in other places can achieve a good stovepipe effect. You can use essential oil for Dubai Massage to apply on the calf area. Pour the essential oil on your hands first. After rubbing it, apply it evenly on the legs. It should be harder. In order for the essential oils to be absorbed better, then pinch the legs with your hands. You need to do it slowly from bottom to top, alternating the left and right legs.

You can also do the essential oil massage in Dubai on the palm of your hand and rub it, apply it on the thigh, and press repeatedly until the thigh gets hot, so that it can have a good stovepipe effect. The main method of kneading on the thigh is to pinch. Do it little by little, from the knee area to the base of the thigh, especially the back of the thigh is easy to miss. You must remember to knead this area.


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