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Dubai Massage can make your breasts bigger

In Dubai, of course, a charming woman cannot do without a perfect figure. The full tibia reflects the charm of a woman and her body. No matter how beautiful it is, it is not attractive enough. Women want proud shorts. Among the many ways to make the breasts bigger, I recommend that Dubai full body massage to make the breasts bigger. In fact, it is very simple to want the breasts to become bigger, as long as how to make the breasts bigger? Then I will introduce the massage method to enlarge the breasts for your reference. Here are 6 massage methods to make your breasts bigger. If you want to know more, please read below.

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In Dubai, massage the nipple first, knead the nipple with your fingertips to increase the flexibility of the nipple, and then use your fingers to encircle the entire breast tissue, using the appropriate hand strength to push from the bottom to the nipple circulation massage, 10 minutes a day.

2, ring massage

1. Hold the entire breast with both hands, gently insert the surrounding tissue above, and stop for 3 seconds each time.

2. Open your hands and press from the bottom to the top of the cleavage, stepping all the way to the outside of the breast.

3. After the massage, do an 8-shaped massage between the breasts. Repeat 6 massages for each movement, each time for 30 seconds.

3, hot compress massage breast

Apply a hot towel to your chest every night before bedtime. Massage your palm around your chest for 3 to 5 minutes, and massage 20 to 50 times from left to right. Massage once a day according to the above method and insist on massage for 2 to 3 months to correct breast bulge 2 to 3 cm. For women who want darker and darker, try this massage method that makes the breasts bigger.

4, bath massage

1. Use shower to wash warm water or cold water from bottom to top alternately to stimulate the chest.

2. After washing, take advantage of the body's warmth, apply moisturizing lotion, massage the chest.

3. Around the breasts, do a spiral massage by drawing small circles. Each action is repeated 10 times.

5, two-hand massage

1. Hold your hands on the periphery of the breast first, and move upwards seven times with caution and gentle force.

2. Afterwards, finish the preparation work before ingestion with soothing inward and upward massage. Place the left hand on the right breast and the right hand on the outside of the left chest, moving inward with caution and gentle force.

3. Then, immediately extend the chin with the other hand and repeat seven times.

6, daily massage breast enhancement method

1. Put your hands under your arm and insert into the periphery of your chest for a round massage.

2. Pull both hands up and down from the bottom of the chest to the left and right sides until the position of the collarbone.

3. Put your hand on the areola and massage it upward.

4. Repeat 8 to 10 times for each action.

Keep this method for a long time, it can tighten the hip muscles, strengthen the support, and make your hips more and more stiff. The above is a massage method recommended for everyone to make the breast bigger.

The effect is very good. As long as the massage is stimulated for a few minutes every day, it can promote blood circulation, promote the secondary development of the breast and even make it more upright. Women who have grown up may wish to give it a try. On the other hand, Dubai massage can not only make your breast bigger, but also make your fat belly more and more thin.

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