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Most effective method to reduce belly fat - Massage in Dubai

Not only in Dubai, but also all around the world, most people believe that fat is the enemy of health and beauty. Obesity has an increasing impact on people. The most important impact is on Dubai girls. For example, if you have more buttocks, you will wear any pants that are not good-looking, which is not conducive to beauty.

No matter how beautiful and slender your face is, you will be said to be fat no matter how slim your body is, but if you have too much fat on your arms, it will look bulky. The abdomen is the easiest place to accumulate fat. Today, the main thing I want to tell you is what to do with more abdominal fat. I recommend two methods for lean belly fat. The best one is to do a full body massage in Dubai. Let's take a look.

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We can use a variety of methods to eliminate the fat on the abdomen, including exercise, hula hoop, and intestinal products, etc. Today, let's take a look at the method of Dubai massage to reduce belly fat.

1. Lie on your back on the bed, use both hands from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen to do a two-hand palm massage treatment, up and down for about 3 minutes, you must not use force like touching, and then apply the treatment on the abdomen for about 5 minutes. The method of massage is to massage the lower abdomen for 8 minutes in a slow and slow direction, until the abdomen feels hot.

2. Lie on your body to breathe naturally, then stretch out your hands and stack them naturally on the abdomen, then draw a circle around the navel in a clockwise direction, and continue to draw about 40 times each time. The same applies to the abdominal heat.

3. Lying on your back, this method is easier for two people to work together. You can lean and massage while standing back and continue to massage hard. Then rub the essential oil massage until the abdomen feels hot, and finally in the lumbosacral region From top to bottom, do palm therapy for about 3 minutes.

Let's take a look at what you can eat to lose weight

If you want less belly fat, you can eat more nut foods. When you eat nuts, you can chew slowly. Chewing slowly can allow you to taste the deliciousness of food. It is also a good way to lose weight. There are so many kinds, which kind of slimming effect is better? Today, I mainly introduce you to a kind of almond with better slimming effect.

Everyone knows that almonds have certain medicinal properties and have a good laxative function. Eating almonds frequently can reduce the absorption of fat by the stomach wall, so that the flattened abdomen will not allow fat to accumulate.

The above two methods of massage and diet are the main methods recommended by me today. If you are still troubled with a lot of belly fat and don’t know how to reduce it, you can seriously implement it and find your belly after a while. If these 2 way are not useful for you, you can try another way of essential oil massage to lose weight. A lot of flattening, the belly is easy to accumulate fat, so when you implement the method of thin belly, you should also pay attention to change your bad habits, do not sit for a long time, do not accumulate more fat.

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