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Do not massage in Dubai directly for muscle strain

Nowadays, in Dubai, more and more people go to the gym to exercise and participate in various sports. It is inevitable that they will be injured during exercise. However, if massage or hot compresses directly after the injury will have an adverse effect on the injured part, then let’s take a look at about pulling. How should we deal with the injury? How long can we get a body massage in Dubai?

Linda is from Malaysia, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Body to body massage in Dubai
Dubai Massage Full Service - Linda

Muscle strain and soft tissue contusion: Once a pain reaction occurs, you should stop exercising immediately. You can apply ice or cold towel on the pain point, and compress the injured area with an elastic bandage to shrink the small blood vessels and reduce local congestion and edema. Do not do the full body massage in Dubai. After 24 to 48 hours of cold compress treatment, treatments such as promoting blood circulation, reducing swelling and pain can be applied.

Joint sprains and joint dislocations: most of them are caused by sudden excessive twisting of joints, excessive flexion and extension, or stretching and violence directly and indirectly acting on the joints, which can cause damage to the bones, tendons and ligaments around the joints and other accessory structures. Fracture joints, knee joints, wrist joints, shoulder joints and waist are more common.

If there is repeated joint swelling, pain, joint interlocking, joint instability, etc., suggesting that there is damage to the joint meniscus cartilage and ligament, it should be sent to a specialist hospital in time.

Abrasions: If the injured area is at least in the superficial layer of the skin, the wound can be cleaned with normal saline, then the injured area is disinfected with alcohol, iodine, iodophor and other drugs, and finally the surface of the wound is covered with a sterile dressing, 3 to 5 Before that, keep the wound clean and not soaked in water. It is especially you need to note that, you need to do the massage for cervical spine when you get hurt.

If it is suspected to be a spinal fracture, the injured person must be placed on the floor and cannot be moved easily to avoid spinal cord injury. To call for emergency help in time, ask professional ambulance personnel to transfer the injured to the hospital.

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