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Be prepared before the massage in Dubai

In modern times, massage is generally a way of leisure. It can not only make us feel comfortable, but also play a health care role. Especially white-collar sedentary people should go to massage regularly, which can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, etc. Since full body massage in Dubai is a way of leisure, then we should provide some comfortable environment for this way of leisure and health care, so that the body and mind can truly relax.

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Massage in Dubai Body to body
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We can put some soothing and quiet music in the massage room. Generally, this kind of music can calm your impulsive heart and stabilize your mood. Of course, this also depends on personal preference. If you like other music, you can also choose other music


A woman who sprays perfume is a scented woman. If you pass by a perfume-scented woman, you will feel refreshed. This is the effect of perfume. It can make you feel better and make you feel happy. . Perfume can be used not only on people, but also in the environment. Spray some perfume or freshener in the massage room. The smell of this scent can relax you as soon as you enter the door. Of course, spray perfume must be controlled. Don't spray too much, if you spray too much it will be not good.

Turn off the phone

Modern people don’t leave their hands with their phones, and they have to bring their mobile phones to the toilet. When massaging, they also use mobile phones while massaging. Why can’t you just enjoy the massage wholeheartedly? Playing with your mobile phone while massaging will shift your attention to your mobile phone, and the comfort of massage will decrease. Massage is originally a relaxing thing, so why bother your eyes? Therefore, it is recommended that you put down your mobile phone during the massage.

The popularization of health knowledge has made everyone pay more and more attention to the health of their families and themselves. Among them, massage has always been a way to promote health, and massage is generally more popular. The method is simple and practical, and the cost is low. Even without training, it can be operated in the same way. It is very popular, especially for the office ladies in Dubai.

Key points of self-massage techniques

The intensity of the massage should be moderate

When massaging, it is necessary to feel soreness, feel comfortable, and bear the strength, rather than think that pain is effective. Excessive patting or pressing on the sore parts may have the opposite effect. When massaging sensitive areas such as the chest, neck, face, etc., a gradual stimulating compression technique should be adopted to effectively promote blood circulation.

Massage with warm hands

If you go to massage with cold hands, your body will become tense and there is no way to deliver the effect of massage. Therefore, before the massage, rub your hands together until you can feel warm when you place your palms on your face.

Appropriately apply some lubricants during massage

When getting the body to body massage in Dubai, in order to avoid excessive irritation to the skin. You can choose to use some lubricants, such as massage cream, petroleum jelly, essential oils, etc., apply to the skin, and then massage. If the essential oil of the massage is not enough, it will pull the skin, which will form some small fine lines. If it is too oily, it will clog the pores.

Therefore, when choosing a lubricant, choose some refreshing, easy-to-extend products with a variety of nourishing ingredients.

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