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You Have to Know the Masseuse in Dubai Massage

In Dubai, there is no problem with body-to-body massage, when you want to get one hour amazing hour experience. It is good for the body to do it regularly. However, there is a premise here. The masseuse needs to control the technology very well and the skill is so essential. This technology includes not only Proficiency in the technique also includes awareness of your full body.

Yamita is from Japan, she is our best masseuse with the full body massage skill.

Dubai full body massage

For example, for the cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, and soles, there are already many hidden problems before the symptoms occur. For example, the neck muscles and the lumbar muscles begin to become tense and lose their elasticity. Suction-like adhesions, tenderness, and local pain in the plantar fascia.

Can effectively prevent pain

The existence of this part of the pain point, in the early stage, our body can make good regulation and control, so that the symptoms do not appear, but if the living habits do not change, with the continuous accumulation, the area of ​​the pain will become larger and larger, and the degree of pain will also increase. The heavier, this is likely to cause cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, plantar fasciitis and other diseases through one of the incentives.

Purposeful massage

The purpose of the massage is actually not a set meal. It doesn't make any sense. It should first analyze the diagnosis. The muscles where the palpation is lost are the normal elasticity and the function has a pain point. The key point is to deal with these parts through a stage of massage. (usually within 1 week), the pain will disappear and the body will feel relaxed.

Do not solve the fundamental problem once

Occasional massage once, although it feels comfortable, but the deep pain points can not be lifted once, so that it does not benefit the health benefits, but it is difficult to meet a good masseuse. After all, most of you go to massage are time-based charges.

Therapeutic masseuse is difficult to find

The requirements of this masseuse must be based on relevant knowledge, as well as the diagnosis of conventional diseases, as well as the experience of full body massage for many years, and the direction of treatment must not only make customers feel comfortable, he is very clear about you. Problems with the body, purposeful massage.


This kind of female masseur with advanced ability is rare, sometimes it is more difficult than encountering a good doctor. In fact, you can be your own masseur. When you have a painful point, you can handle it yourself. A pain point is about 5 minutes. Once a day, most of them disappear in about 1 week.

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