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Winter massage in Dubai, please do it like this

Winter has arrived more than one month already. Even in this hot Dubai, we can feel the cooler climate in the night. We need to pay more attention to our health in this winter, special for the office lady daily life. We believe that massage the body is very beneficial, and you must know that different massage methods have different benefits to the body.

If you want to be healthy in the winter, and don't want to exercise or break through the diet. Then it is recommended to try a full body massage in Dubai and use different massage methods to help your health.

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Recommended massage method for winter health:

1. In winter, Dubai Massage method of kidney

The kidney is very important. Once it goes wrong, people are prone to problems such as frequent urination, fatigue, listlessness, etc., making people seem to have no vitality. In addition, the kidney is a detox organ. If the kidney is injured, it will cause a large accumulation of toxins. If this is the case for a long time, it will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidney and other body organs. In this regard, I recommend that you learn some massage techniques on a weekdays to help your kidneys.

Massage steps: Before going to bed every night, don't rush to sleep, you can lie down first, then put your hands on the junction of the base of your thighs and the abdomen, and then put the palms of your hands against the skin and massage back and forth in an oblique direction. Forty or fifty times is enough. Adhering to this massage has a good effect of strengthening the kidneys.

2. Foot Massage

Feet are far away from the heart, so the speed of receiving blood each time is often slow, so it is always prone to cold feet. And your feet are very close to the ground, the cold and humid air can easily enter your body through your feet, making your feet colder. After the cold and damp air invades the body, the blood flow speed will become slower when it is cold, so it will make the feet receive the blood supply more slowly. In this way, blood circulation throughout the body will be easily affected, which is bad for health. In this regard, I suggest that you may wish to massage your feet a lot.

Massage steps: In the evening, use hot water to soak your feet. During the process of soaking your feet, use your hands to rub the feet, soles, and toes of your feet, especially the position of your feet. In this way, the core area on the soles of the feet can be stimulated, and the acupuncture points are connected to the major meridians, and the meridians are connected to the organs. It can be said that the right acupuncture points can nourish the whole body. Of course, massage the soles of the feet, the first and natural thing is to speed up the blood circulation of the feet and improve the problem of cold and hot feet.

Winter massage in Dubai has many benefits, of course, the premise is to use the right method, and different methods have different effects.

Points to note in winter massage

1, keep warm

When massage, it is often necessary to take off your clothes. It is more effective to massage directly on the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that if you massage in winter, you should remember to turn on the heating lamp in the bathroom; if it is performed in the room, it is also possible, but it is recommended to turn on the air conditioner or to massage in the quilt. It is recommended to shrink in a larger quilt so that there is more room for movement and it is not easy to ventilate.

2. Pay attention to lubrication

Not everyone's hands are so white and tender in life, if your hands are rough and your body is dry. Before the massage, it is recommended to apply some talcum powder on the parts that need to be massaged, so that the skin will not be damaged during the massage, and the massage experience will be better.

In addition, it should be noted that massage is a good way to keep in good health. On weekdays, you must learn some correct massage techniques and perform self-massage, so that you can strengthen your body a little.

Therefore, it is recommended that you understand some precautions before performing a massage. For example, cut off your nails and remove the ring before the massage.

Otherwise, these sharp objects can easily scratch the skin. In case of poor care, it is easy to get inflammation. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to urinate before massage, and to drain it in time. Otherwise, when it comes to massage, if you have urine or convenience, it is easy to interrupt the massage process, so the effect of the massage will not be so good.

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