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Who is not fit for a Foot / Legs Massage in Dubai

In Dubai, after your daily work, a lot of people will go to a massage center to enjoy al body massage, some people like to massage with full body. Some people like to massage their legs, or some people like to massage their feet, but is there some people who are not good to go to massage? Consider what can massage can be a part of, so some people as a mount of potentially deadly phenomenon, people can't rubbing the soles that you know what? Do you know foot massage method

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Dubai Best Massage

Who is not suitable for the massage in Dubai?

By the field of traditional Chinese medicine, it is certain that regular to do some of the so-called foot massage is it can strengthen physical health, preventing illnesses, but is not for everyone, some people is absolutely can't go to his feet, there may be fatal. The traditional massage believes, often do foot massage, can alleviate the fatigue of human body tension, prolong life, strengthen physical health. But not everyone can foot massage, some people for foot massage, may bring adverse effect. 1. The cerebral hemorrhage, internal bleeding and other reasons caused by severe bleeding, foot massage may cause more bleeding. 2. There is a person also can't rub your foot, is suffering from serious kidney disease and heart disease, and liver problems of these three kinds of people is not to do foot massage, because of foot massage can stimulate their nervous system, lead to the deterioration of the illness. 3. In active pulmonary tuberculosis patients with n/med tuberculosis bacterium blood line spread, may lead to diffuse. 4. To the person of frequent angina, foot massage stimulation can sometimes induce myocardial infarction. What's good about the foot massage Want to make our body healthy, the priority is to our health, the bottoms of foot health. In daily life, want good care foot, massage, acupuncture and so on means of that is a good choice.

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