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What is the Best Massage Time in Dubai

The massage time don't have a specific time range, usually as long as it's not too hungry or too full, the time will be OK for the massage. In addition, the best time to say is as the case may be, because different best time effect. Do massage refreshing is the best in the morning. Up in the morning after massage for 5 minutes, gently massage head and face first, finally to the neck, press the sag of above clavicle, can help slow the aging. Also can better drainage detumescence, delicate face, delicate skin, refreshing.

On the other hand, do the massage soothes the best at night. Night massage for about 20 minutes, can effectively help to speed up the body blood circulation, relax the body.For the day, a day of nervous muscle can get very good relaxation. However, don't try so hard to take a bath after the massage bed in the evening, after the massage in a warm environment to rest it is advisable to 2 hours to take a bath.

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Dubai Nuru Massage

What time do the massage

1, just after the exercise is unfavorable and massage In just finished in outdoor activities, physical exercise is unfavorable for the massage. Games to accelerate the blood circulation, if is to massage, blood is easy to focus on the body surface to another part of the blood supply will reduce, the body prone to dizziness, nausea, weakness, etc. Advice rest at least half an hour and massage after exercise.

2, unfavorable massage too hungry or too full Just after the meal is unfavorable for the massage, otherwise it is easy to affect the normal digestion and absorption. Just had a meal gastrointestinal began to work, at this time the blood supply, and massage can cause a lot of blood concentration of body surface and affect the gastrointestinal blood, ultimately affect its function. Also, when hungry, low levels of blood sugar, also not suitable for massage, in case of fainting.And massage too hungry or too full, gastrointestinal induced by massage to stimulate the gastric mucosa damage easily and stomach trouble.

3, do not massage after 11 o 'clock pm Massage can be done at any time, but considering the body's own self innovation, after 23 o 'clock every night will not be able to proceed to the massage. Because at this time in the house, bravery by the start of the most popular, the massage will affect its work, massage the body's energy is dispersed to affect their work, ultimately affect the human health. People should go to bed at this time.

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