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What is "enough" for the health care massage?

Now, in Dubai, a lot of people have the state of body pain, stiffness. The cause of these conditions is also very much, for this kind of situation we first thought is to massage. That's true but there's also a lot of attention for a massage in Dubai. Massage appears what circumstance is the best? Just like below small make up together to look at!

Many people go to the massage that only when the hurt is effective. Actually on the other hand, according to the hurt is not the best. Now let me send you the detailed introduction.

To ease the discomfort, more and more people choose to go to some stores or massage center in Dubai, to find a physical therapist to do massage. That would be in the idea of a lot of people, massage with pain's twin brother. Even there are many friends will think massage technique in the heavier process, feel the more painful the more effectively. Is this really true? What are the considerations we need to remember for a Massage?

Massage is the best feeling is not the pain But acid bilges feeling

Massage can generally be divided into three kind of health massage, casual massage and therapy. For the general public, belong to the massage health care, casual, appropriate massage can make people to restore vitality and uplifting spirit. Get rid of sub-health state.

Best feeling in the process of massage is a certain acid bilges feeling, not pain. If the degree of pain and even reached the unbearable and screams, it has been a serious is not normal.

From the Angle of modern medicine, this is often accompanied by soft tissue pain in aseptic inflammation. Pain is a protective mechanism of the human body, play a warning role. If there is pain, it shows that the action will cause harm to human body. If appeared more severe pain in the process of massage, it should be stopped in time, to prevent adverse consequences!

So, how to judge massage is effective? Experts said that the best massage strength should be a local acid bilges, fever, soft, the body sweats, facial redness, slightly massage under this strength can largely avoid the body damage.

Massage is good But to avoid "minefield"

Massage for our body health has a lot of work, but not everyone is suitable for a massage. The following several kinds of major diseases and is regarded as the massage to avoid "minefield"!

1, blood disease patients, especially thrombocytopenia, absolutely not to carry on the massage, in order to avoid causing massive bleeding, aggravating illness development.

2, acute soft tissue injury, local cold need to shift to an earlier date a few days, to ban the use of relaxing tendons and wine massage technique, to prevent local bleeding and seepage is aggravating.

3, menses and pregnancy women, not in the waist and lower abdominal massage stimulation.

4, severe hypertension, avoid doing easy cause intense pain massage treatment, the patient lest make blood pressure rise.

5, should not give massage for malignant tumor patients, so as not to increase the chances of tumor cell metastasis.

6, all kinds of each part of the ulcerative skin disease, severe heart disease, acute slippery bursa phlogistic, and nerve root inflammatory edema in period of lumbar disc and nerve root type cervical spondylosis, all cannot do massage therapy.

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