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Top 12 Types of Massages (And How to Choose the Right One for You)

4700 years ago, the practice of massage therapy developed in China. It's no small wonder why that practice hasn't gone out of style. Massage reduces stress and melts away the aches and pains of life.

With so many types of massage therapy options out there, you might be wondering, "Which one is the best for me?"

Don't stress. Decompress with this list of the top 12 types of massages, and learn which one is the right one for you.

If You're Looking to Relax

Chronic stress can create serious health problems in the long run. Check out these types of massage services that'll help you unwind.

Swedish Massage

Characteristics of this massage include gentle kneading with long, circular motions.

Hot Stone

Hot stones are applied to different areas around the body to warm muscles and loosen up tight areas.

Chair Massage

The head, neck, and back are the focus areas for this type of massage. A chair massage is great if you're in a time crunch because only a limited amount of the body can be worked on.

If You Want the Types of Massages That Will Heal Your Pain

There are 650 muscles in the human body. If you're no stranger to having pain in at least one of those muscles, these massage methods are a good fit for you.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massages are more intense, as it penetrates into the deepest layers of your muscles.

Sports Massage

Mainly for athletes, this kind of massage treats injuries. It can also help increase flexibility and help enhance athletic performance. Methods include pressure point and deep tissue massage.

Trigger Point

A trigger point is an area of tightness in the muscle that causes pain in other muscles in the body. The whole body is massaged, but special care is taken for the trigger points.


Pregnancy is not easy on the body by any means. A prenatal massage will ease the pain in areas of discomfort, such as lower back pain and swollen ankles.

If You Want to Find Balance

You've heard of a balanced diet. But what about a balanced body? These massages will keep you aligned both physically and energetically.


The basis of reflexology is to massage specific pressure points in the feet, which will affect the rest of the body.


The goal of Shiatsu massage is to ensure your energy, flows freely. Unlike the Swedish massage, Shiatsu uses a pulsating rhythm along the body.

Suki comes Japan, she can make a real comfortable Shiatsu massage for you.

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Thai Massage

This involves stretching the body, much like yoga. Also like yoga, Thai massage can restore balance to the body.

If You Want Emotional Healing

While massages heal the body, they can also heal the mind. These two types of massages will put your spirit at ease.


Have you ever smelled something and it brought back a happy memory? This is the premise of the aromatherapy massage. Essential oils are combined with massage to take your mood up to new heights.

Couple's Massage

If you don't want to be alone during your spa time, bring a buddy. Couple's massages are great if you're wanting to be romantic, or if you want quality time to connect with a friend.

Find Your Bliss

Now that you know about the different types of massages and which one best fits your needs, contact us to book your appointment!

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