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Time and Frequency of massage in Dubai

In Dubai, massage health care is a very fashionable lifestyle today. Women in Dubai especially like to massage to relax their bodies and make them more focused at work. So, if you go to massage, how long is the better massage time? Also, can massage be done every day?

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Dubai Body Massage

The benefits of massage are many. It is easy to operate, economical and practical, and can replace drugs. For example, some patients use the massage to stimulate the spirit and act as a stimulant. It also calms the patient and acts as a sedative.

Because such as Japanese full body massage and body to body massage is beneficial to the circulatory system and metabolism, it is safe and reliable for patients with chronic diseases or excessive physical weakness. For children who are inconvenient to take medicine, massage can enhance the body of children and prevent health care.

Regarding the question "How long does it take to massage?", the time is too short or too long. Generally speaking, the specific time of a massage down depends on the difference of each massage item, which is about 30-60. For example, some of the full set will take about an hour, while a sauna massage will take about 45 minutes.

1, the massage time is too short: can not achieve the effect

In Dubai, massage needs to open the acupuncture points to play the effect. If the time is too short, the massage effect is not good.

2, the massage time is too long or not: easy to introduce evil into

Massage time is too long, and some may have drawbacks such as massage fatigue. Therefore, the massage is not as long as possible, but the massage time should be appropriately controlled according to the situation to achieve the effect.

In addition, it is best not to repeatedly press the same part for a long time during massage. It is necessary to pay attention to disperse and massage for up to 10 minutes in one part.

Don't go to massage every day for a long time

Massage is usually done once or twice a week, and it is usually between 40 and 50 minutes to one hour.

Everything should have a degree. If you blindly massage for a long time every day, it is not a good thing for your body. We believe that the Deep Tissue massage can promote blood circulation, relax muscles, relieve fatigue, etc., and it is undoubtedly beneficial to the body. However, excessive daily long-term massage is not good for the body. Prolonged stimulation of muscle skin can lead to soreness and muscle atrophy.

Of course, if you only go to the massage every day for a short period of time, it doesn't matter.

People who do massage often have dependence

People who often do massage will have dependence. Long-term massage causes people to rely on massage to solve their own illnesses, while ignoring their own active movements. To make a metaphor, if massage therapy can treat a good stroke, but after a stroke Is it necessary to take the initiative to resume the movement?

Therefore, life is in motion. This movement refers to active movement, not passive movement. In addition, the general constitution is weaker, the righteous loss is serious, and some patients with special diseases are not suitable for acupuncture massage.

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