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The two roles of health massage in Dubai

In Dubai, the use of health massage and self-care massage is not only can prevent disease, but also can play the role of fitness strength. Especially the self-massage, in fact, mixed with the massage, yoga therapy, such as some effects, namely the need to subject himself to voluntary movement, to complete all kinds of massage technique, even less slow movement is also beneficial to human body health.

Exercise is an indispensable source of stimulation for the human body. In exercise, the feedback of the peripheral nerve can improve and strengthen the brain function. The exercise of massage and self-massage can also increase the lung capacity of human body, exercise the muscle reserve force and promote blood circulation.

Physical health is a kind of beauty, and bodybuilding is based on physical health; In the narrow sense, massage to the local also has the bodybuilding effect. If the head is massaged regularly, it can strengthen the blood circulation of the scalp, improve the metabolism, and keep the hair bright and dark, so as to enhance the scalp resistance and brain memory.

Because the massage have expand subcutaneous capillaries, the blood circulation, skin nutrition improvement, so as to improve the metabolism of tissue and the function of the skin to breathe, skin is pale and inelastic change color, elastic recovery.

Notice of health massage

It should be light and heavy, so that it can be used in a gradual and gradual way, so as to make the body surface an adaptive process, and avoid violence, so as to avoid bruising the skin. The principle is that mechanical energy can be converted into heat energy, so that the capillary dilatation of the area under massage can increase blood flow and improve the local nutritional status.

During the Body to body massage in Dubai, you should relax your whole body, breathe naturally, and loosen the belt, so that you can relax your whole body. In the limbs, trunk, and chest massages, it is better to do it directly on the skin or through thin clothing to improve the effect.

It is better to do health full body massage in indoor air circulation and temperature, which can be done more and more times each day. Every waking hour is the best time for a health massage. When you are woken by an alarm clock, you can't help feeling sleepy. You may as well stretch yourself, do a health massage, and then feel alive and full of energy.

After a busy day of work, lie in bed and do a health massage, which can eliminate fatigue, relax the muscles, relax the brain and calm down and fall into dreamland.

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