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The future of Outcall Massage in Dubai

As a way of health care, massage has a history of more than 5,000 years. With the rise of Internet technology and applications, Dubai home massage services have gradually become new health consumption projects. Compared with the traditional massage and massage industry, online outcall massage in Dubai has the characteristics of displaying and comparing business qualifications, integrating various service items, and high quality and high price. It is expected to solve the problem that the qualifications of practitioners in the traditional massage industry are not up to standard and the service items are single. However, as an emerging business model, there are still some problems in its development that still need to be solved. Merry is from Malaysia, she is so good at body to body Massage in Dubai.

In Dubai outcall Massage service is in line with market expectations. The diversion to the store's operating platform was welcomed by many offline merchants in the early days. Through this type of Internet platform, customers can chat online with technicians, increasing the stickiness between guests and technicians. However, because there are big platforms such as Google and massage service can be found, users are rarely willing to pay attention to a platform that only provides massage. Therefore, this model shows a situation of weak competition. Another business model advocates “combining the door to the store”, but in a sense it will be “difficult”: if the price of on-site service is cheaper than the store, then a large number of users will choose the door-to-door service, resulting in The order volume of the store will be greatly reduced. At the same time, this model is also difficult to form a service closed loop, it is difficult to form a strong supervision of the service, the user experience is not guaranteed, and the customer retention rate is not high.

The current "Internet +Home massage" is a relatively mature and promising business model is "pure home mode." This model does not simply move the physical store service online, but has a complete online and offline service system, service quality control and user evaluation system. The demand for massage is often caused when the customer is physically and mentally exhausted, and the “home service” can just meet the potential psychological needs of the customer at this time. For some elderly people who are not convenient to travel, on-site service is more convenient. Information asymmetry in the "Internet + Outcall massage in Dubai" industry still exists. In order to expand the customer base, the store often hires the water army to brush comments in the customer feedback. Consumers cannot directly know the qualifications of technicians and the qualifications of the stores, which intensifies the problem of “opaqueness”. The level of massage technicians is uneven. Even many technicians have not been engaged in pedicure massage services after strict massage training. The user experience is very bad, and the possibility of reusing the platform will be much less, seriously damaging the construction of industrial ecology and The development of platform enterprises.

Some platforms have relatively mature solutions to the problem of technician opacity. For example, based on technical specialization, standardized management of the masseuse team. In the recruitment process of technicians, in addition to the need for massage technicians to have different levels of massage therapist card, medical practitioner certificate, rehabilitation physiotherapist card and other relevant documents, the platform also conducts practical examinations, and the massage experts are fully responsible for recruiting and inspecting whether the application of the technicians is professional. And assess his professional medical knowledge. After the technicians pass the examination, they also need to conduct uniform service training and strictly stipulate all service procedures. These practices can effectively improve the quality of services and reduce the "opacity" of service information.

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