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The effect of neck massage and benefits

Wrinkles tend to show a woman the most don't want to talk about age, but in addition to facial wrinkles, and where can I see your age? There is no doubt that your neck, neck on the appearance of fine lines, fold, also can let your age to be an open secret, then you know what's good about neck massage ?What should daily nursing work? Small make up it to count the daily neck nursing guidelines!

Massage can not only alleviate fatigue, also can help the neck of the blood circulation, promote skin metabolism, can make the neck skin, improve the neck contour, reduce neck wrinkles. But as the neck skin would be thin, poor elasticity, the massage, the action must be soft, moderate strength, otherwise you will have the opposite effect. Massage technique is as follows:

1, the neck cream or massage cream on the neck evenly daub, both hands is pulling alternately at the bottom of the neck.

2, use forefinger and middle finger to the neck spiral massage from bottom to top.

3, the index finger and middle finger with both hands, placed in the jawbone of lymphatic position, press for about a minute, detoxifying massage.

Only aware of the advantages of the neck massage can let's attention for the neck massage, neck massage when we need according to certain method, so as to play a good massage effect.Excessive fatigue will cause harm to the neck, so we need regular let neck pay attention to rest.

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