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The Common Use of Essential Oils Massage and Tips

In recent blogs, I introduce the benefits of the essential oils full body massage. Today we continue to talk about other ways of using essential oils.

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Massage is the most professional method of using essential oils in aromatherapy, which allows essential oils to enter the bloodstream in a short period of time. Massage has the function of relaxing muscles, breathing gently, and promoting blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification. When these massage effects are combined with the essential oils with physiotherapy function, the effect is more remarkable.

The method of massage is to dilute the essential oil with vegetable oil, and then apply it to the body to perform massage actions such as pushing, pressing and rubbing. On the one hand, the essential oil enters the body through the skin of the body to achieve the purpose of physical and mental treatment; on the other hand, it enters the brain through the sense of smell. Achieve soothing or exhilarating purposes. Simply put, aroma massage is the most effective way to use essential oils, both on the physiological level and on the psychological level.

Hippocrates (BC 460~377 – the father of medicine) has mentioned in his book the treatment of shoulder pain: “The shoulder must be massaged gently and smoothly with the palm of the hand. The therapist must know a lot about things, including correct massage techniques. His text is a good way to say the general strength of the aroma massage method. Don't be too intense when you massage, but it is gentle and smooth.

Body massage

By applying essential oils and massage the hands in the direction of the lymphatic circulation with both hands, the detoxification ability of the lymphatic system can be enhanced, and wastes and toxins in the body can be metabolized to achieve detoxification and enhance the immune system.

In general, it is very safe and effective for the average person to mix oil of massage at home and perform aroma massage. In addition to the area in the middle of the back, you can massage yourself. We don't have to care too much about whether the massage technique is superb, but the following points must still be noted:

※Because of the strong penetration of essential oils, you need to be extra careful when using them.

※People who have physical disease should be used with caution. For example, if the skin has inflammation, severe back pain, skin infection, bruises, fractures, wounds, scars and sunburn, it is not suitable for massage.

※ It should not be done after drinking or when you are hungry.

※ Patients with high blood pressure and low blood pressure should not use essential oil massage.

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