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The characteristic of French oil Massage in Dubai

1. The main characteristic of French oil in Dubai: is on the meridians of the body and match with all kinds of different efficacy of essential oils and to push, stroke, rub, sharp and slide technique, greatly strengthened the whole body size vascular smooth. It can be so effectively avoid thrombus.

Second is for the whole body acupuncture points, including hands, feet, legs, arms, head; to push, press, pressure, etc. This can effectively promote the function of various organs of the body. A complete set of French oil process is exquisite, big to the chest, back, abdomen, small to the neck, hips, toes, fingers, face, ear, take care to all parts of the body massage in Dubai. (1) the implementation steps: prone position: head and neck, back, waist, leg ministry - the foot. Supine position: the head face - the upper limbs, chest, abdomen, lower limbs. Practice type oil before, after a hot bath, the body of the capillaries, epidermis pore expansion, the skin on the absorption of essential oils, body feeling and care the effect will be better. (2) operation method: French oil and body massage therapist will detoxify skin oil or all kinds of essential oil daub the guest body, using a variety of different technique, for the whole body nursing, health care, in various parts of the whole process is divided into oil on my hands and knees, hands, feet and push oil.

Due to the various parts of the body, bear the strength of the internal organization structure, old loss for different reasons, the role of the implementation of the above methods are different. It is through the meridians of the body as an object, including face, ear, neck, shoulders, chest, back, waist, abdomen, arm, hand, hip, leg, foot, etc. 2. A suitable group: 20 to 70 years of age, is engaged in the computer, driver, mental labor, excessive physical labor or men a posture for a long term; To do a full push oil, time control in 2-3 hours advisable, in order to achieve physical and mental relax; Do 4 ~ 8 times a month, insist for a long time, to improve blood circulation, enhance cell regeneration, discharge toxins in the body, can help metabolism, make body skin moist, prevent skin dry, itching, delay skin aging, to lose weight, protect kidney, enhance sexual function, avoid thrombosis, etc.

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