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The Benefits of the Feet Massage in Dubai?

Nowadays, in Dubai, many people are paying attention to health care. Nowadays, there are more and more pedicure stores. What are the benefits of foot treatment for the human body? What are the benefits of massaging the soles of the feet? What are the effects and effects of pedicure? Let's take a look at it with Linda.

Linda is from Malaysia, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

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What are the benefits of feet massage in Dubai? First, the link between the foot and the body health

Feet and brain.

Although the foot is farthest from the brain, the foot has a special connection with the brain through numerous nerve endings. The amount of stimulation of the foot is not enough, which will make the cerebral cortex excited and inhibit imbalance, leading to insomnia and dreams.

Feet and blood circulation.

The foot is far away from the heart, and the blood circulation of the foot becomes the most difficult part of the blood circulation process. The foot circulation is not good, and it is easy to cause varicose veins, arterial embolism, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Foot and body toxins.

Many of the toxins produced by metabolism in the body are easily deposited on the feet, causing many diseases, such as lactic acid, phenols, and aromatic amines, which can lead to physical and mental exhaustion, fatigue, and wilting; uric acid deposition can cause gout and edema. So, what are the benefits of feet massage in Dubai?

Promote blood circulation in the body: Whether the blood circulation is normal or not has an important relationship in the body, and massage the sole of the foot can improve the blood circulation in the body, improve the body temperature of the foot, and finally achieve the normal function of promoting blood circulation of the whole body.

Experiments have shown that a healthy normal person can increase the blood flow of the whole body by more than ten times after half an hour of foot massage, which shows the benefits of massaging the sole.

Relieve muscle fatigue

The condition of fatigue in human muscles, then the first problem is blood circulation, especially the blood circulation of the feet, which causes the body's metabolic products, such as lactic acid, to accumulate in the body and cannot be excreted in time. This is the main reason for muscle fatigue. To effectively relieve muscle fatigue, massage the soles is one of the simplest but most effective methods.

Improve the quality of sleep

Because modern people continue to improve their stress, the spirit is also in a state of high tension for a long time, which leads to insomnia, multiple dreams and so on. If you want to provide quality of sleep, then Dubai massage of the feet is a very good choice.

Preventing cancer

The latest research shows that human saliva has a good anti-cancer effect. The area, which massages the soles of the feet, can stimulate the saliva secretion in the body. The small saliva of the saliva can be swallowed like abdomen. It can prevent cancer and has a good effect on strengthening the body's resistance.

Promote metabolism in the body: After the increase of blood circulation, the body will be able to secrete more kinds of hormones, such as adrenaline, which can promote the body's metabolism and ultimately improve the body's immunity and resistance. effect.

Finally, Linda reminds everyone that the technique of massaging the soles of the feet must be correct.

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