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The benefits of oil massage in Dubai

In Dubai oil massage spa is relatively common massage technique, but there are a lot of exquisite oil massage in Dubai. The following is about the oil press. The benefits and time control, and not the long time about good oil massage.

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The benefits of oil massage in Dubai: Massage can make nerve endings adjustable, and can stimulate blood circulation, while essential oils are highly permeable, combined with massage method, reach the dermis skin in 3 minutes, 5 minutes into the lymph and blood systems, and circulation and treatment efficacy. The molecules is very small and active of plant essential oil itself, but through the skin into the blood vessels and lymphatic system, and make it run the whole body, to promote lymph circulation, eliminate toxin in the body, so as to achieve by inside and outside beauty effect, and make body skin become smooth and elastic.

At the same time, plant essential oil can be absorbed by the blood, blood vessels, the body wastes and toxins out of the body through the lymphatic system, improve the state of the muscle, the muscle will not shrink by lack of exercise, can also help the decomposition of subcutaneous fat cells, and at the same time remove mental and emotional tension, make the person feel at ease. Essential oil massage: 1, the slide stroke: this should is the most useful technique in oil massage method, refers to a series of soft slide, calm, can make oil penetration into the body, let the whole body relaxed and safe. Please use the entire palm, massage not only fingers, hands to take it easy, the strength can be strong or gentle, but can small .So muscles will relax, and can increase the blood circulation, ease tension and pressure. 2, rub pinching: it is like to knead the dough, thumb can be slightly power works, but please slow and moderate. These actions of fat thickness of parts and the back has a lot of help, so you can relax your muscles, improve blood and lymph flow, and help the toxins from the body. Using the two basic technique, application in various parts of the massage method all massage method must be toward the direction of the heart to do massage, massage, young, old, the weak use soft slide stroke action. Different parts of the essential oil massage: 1, head: please use your fingertips touch massage oil, massage your entire scalp with his finger. Headache, massage around the bottom of the neck, up to the bottom of the scalp, massage fingers to adopt sliding massage action, the strength, let oil penetrates into the body. 2, neck: technique is small and strong action, with cervical painting into two, each massage upward from the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the scalp, cervical vertebra, into a circle around each type of massage action. 3, shoulder: use the slide stroke and the technique of kneading, use the thumb and the palm of your hand, from the shoulder to the neck, repeat back and forth to massage.

4, back: use the slide stroke and the technique of kneading, weak strength can be strong, but don't massage on the spine. Starting from the back of the inside of the waist, hands movements tends to smooth, massage upward to the shoulder, the outer edge of the massage back down again. Repeat this massage action, the longer, the body more feel at ease.

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