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The benefits of facial oil massage to Solve face problem

What are the advantages of facial oil massage? Now more and more girls would like to use oil to massage the face, then what is the advantage of facial oil massage, you know?So the following will introduce you to the benefits of facial oil massage, and see it together

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Use of essential oils in facial massage, can effectively help the skin pores. Because the lemon citronella essence oil, oil of fish pelargonium essence and cypress essence oil use after facial massage, has contractive pore effect. Lemon citronella oil is to reduce the effect of abnormal skin grease secretion and remove acne. Oil have activating effect, can promote skin metabolism. Cypress essence oil can effective convergence blood vessels on the surface of the skin, help skin moisturizing accusing oil. So using the above three kinds of essential oil in facial massage, has contractive pore effect. The benefits of facial oil massage: white spot Use of essential oils in facial massage, can effectively improve dark skin, whiten skin, also can effectively fade melanin. Because of lemon essential oil and neroli essential oil has the effect of whitening, contains a lot of vitamin C, lemon essential oil has a whitening effect. Neroli essential oil can increase the cell activity, stimulating the skin epidermis cell regeneration, help skin to restore elasticity, effectively whiten the skin, sensitive skin and ripe age the skin can be used. So the use of lemon essential oil can massage the face, and can effectively help the skin whitening spot, make skin white and bright. The benefits of facial oil massage: hydrating

Use of essential oils massage the face, can effectively help the skin moisturizing hydrating. Because rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, and apple essence can effectively lock the skin moisture, help skin complement moisture, keep skin lasting water embellish position. So using rose essential oil, sandalwood and apple essential oil with facial massage, can help skin hydrating. The benefits of facial oil massage: oil control acne

Use of essential oils in facial massage can oil control acne, because tea tree essential oil, frankincense, and green tea essential oil has oil control acne removing effect, tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic effect, have very good effect for acne. Frankincense has very good convergence, can let the balance oily skin, effectively restrain acne, acne, etc. 0Green tea essential oil have anti-inflammatory effect, is very effective for acne. So using tea tree, frankincense, and green tea, such as essential oils, coupled with facial massage, can effectively maintain the water oil balance of skin, inhibit the growth of acne. Facial oil massage matters needing attention

1. Pregnant and lactation women do not recommend the use of essential oils, because most of the essential oil of pregnant ingredients, so pregnant women and breast-feeding women don't recommend the use of essential oils. 2. Whitening essence oil recommended to use in the evening, because whitening essential oils have photosensitive sex commonly, so suggest use whitening essential oils, and in the evening after use don't play mobile phones and computers, directly go to sleep, lest cause the opposite effect. 3. facial oil massage don't recommend to do every day, usually 1-2 times a week.

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