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The advantages of foot massage

Foot massage has thousands of years history, and the earliest era of foot massage originated from the ancient dance health care. Since ancient times people are barefoot, when people are happy with the rhythm of dance, or in cold hard to beat, they found that after the dance to generate heat, and can cheer up, relieve fatigue.

In addition, when people have some kind of disease, foot pain. Disease turned for the better after the foot pain is better, through repeated practice, found that rule, the formation of appeal and massage to touch the feet the basis of physical healing.

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The foot with the brain Feet away from the brain, though, as far as the feet, through the numerous nerve endings there is a special relationship with the brain.If our feet stimulus quantity is not very enough, will make the excitement of cerebral cortex and inhibition of out of balance, which can lead to insomnia, much dream, the phenomenon of mental stress.

The foot and the circulation of the blood Feet away from the heart, blood circulation of feet became the hardest part of the whole body blood circulation process, foot circulation is not good, easy cause varicose veins, artery embolism and disease of heart head blood-vessel.

Foot and body toxin Metabolism in the body to produce many toxins to deposit on the foot, produce many disorders, such as lactic acid, phenol, aromatic amine deposition can lead to exhaustion of body and mind, fatigue, depression. Uric acid deposition can lead to gout, edema.

Feet and germs There are a lot of bacteria, fungi are hidden in our feet, not only to our athlete's foot, foot odor, still can make a lot of genital infectious disease.

Promote the blood circulation Blood circulation is normal and the body of the body has an important relationship, and the foot massage is good for improve blood circulation, improve the foot temperature, eventually to promote the whole body blood circulation, reach the role of normal.

Feet and weight loss Massage the foot help to lose weight, eating too much of the obese).The thyroid gland regulates the metabolism rate. pleen and stomach can affect human digestion and absorption. y massage, it can promote digestion and metabolism of the body, help to lose weight.

Due to long-term monotonous work or study too little posture and activity level will be more often appear spirit tension, neurasthenia, depressed, resistance to decline. Through the foot massage can eliminate or reduce the size of above symptoms and degree. Long-term use can achieve good health care effect But also can make people feel at ease.

Body not healthy, mostly because of lack of exercise, the relationship between the ancient working people barefoot in the fields all day, foot touches the ground directly, thus stimulated, promoting circulation, then sweat water, completed a normal circulation and metabolism play a cure function of the body. So, the body of the ancient modern health many than us. Thus the foot massage benefits is very important.

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