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The advantages and disadvantages of Massage in detail

Medical massage of traditional Chinese medicine has a long history, in ancient times, our country had the massage medical activities. They encountered in the work injury pain occurs, instinctively use massage for pain, to do so will feel pain reduce or disappear. After a long period of practice, the ancient people has realized the effect of massage, and become a conscious medical activities, from then on, medical massage gradually developed has formed a medicine medical treatment method. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the massage?

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Massage belong to the category of external treatment of traditional medicine, massage teacher by the external force produced by "trick", in patients with certain parts of the body or work on the acupoints, and this work is the massage division according to the specific patient, use all kinds of technique skills, doing useful work, such doing can have the effect of correct anatomical location. This work also can be converted into energy, and penetrated into the human body, change the function of human body system, so as to achieve therapeutic effect. Let's take a look at the benefits of massage. Physical stimuli that modern medicine, massage, can make the active region cause biophysical and biochemical changes, local tissue of physiological reaction, the reaction, through nerve reflex and regulation of body fluids, the increased on the one hand, on the other hand, cause the overall secondary reaction, which produce a series of pathological changes in physiological processes, which can achieve the effect of the treatment. Massage on the role of local tissue, according to the observation, the direct contact with the skin friction techique of operation, can effectively remove the decline and fall of skin cells, and also can improve skin breath, is advantageous to the sweat glands and sebaceous glands secretion, improve skin luster and elasticity. This is also one of the benefits of massage. Strong stimulation massage, can cause some cells protein decomposition, produce histamine and class histamine substances, coupled with the technique of combination of mechanical energy into heat energy, prompting the capillaries expansion, increase local muscle skin nutrition, effectively improve muscle atrophy, also can promote the repair of damage. Intermittent extrusion massage, can enhance the circulation of the blood and lymph circulation. Because of the diseased parts of the circulation of the blood and lymph circulation can be effectively improved, also can accelerate the absorption of oedema and pathological product, eliminate the swelling of the contracture. The benefits of massage is more, so suggest you in the spare time at ordinary times, can find massage give your body massage continue, ease the pressure, also can prevent disease. Through the nerve, body fluid, local operation of massage can effect on the whole and other organizations. Massage can effectively adjust the balance of the excitement of the nervous system and control. Ease is lighter and rhythm, stimulated repeatedly, has composed inhibition effect to the nerve. Rapid heavier, shorter gimmick, the nerve is excited. Someone who observed the changes of electroencephalogram after the massage, see a wave amplitude increases, and the time continuity of amplitude increase, resulting in this phenomenon may be because the massage later caused by inhibiting the development of. Knead ridge massage, can cause gastric bowel peristalsis increases fast, be pressed point of sympathetic nerve stellate nodules, can happen pupil dilation, vasodilatation, ipsilateral limb skin temperature increased. Massage in your lower abdomen and inner thighs, can cause bladder contraction and urination, treatment of urinary retention. Massage abdomen can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestive gland secretion. Also can have the effect that reduce weight oh. The benefits of massage, everyone all know now, let's look at what are the precautions for the massage. Massage is to high skills, operation skill should be soft with just, forcibly properly, if the power is overweight may cause soft tissue and joint injury, not cure instead of disease. If really is for health care massage, you should seek to understand the physiological anatomy, orthopedic medical knowledge, the trend of the neuromuscular, physiotherapy, a doctor or have a certain professional masseuse massage medical skill experience, for only they can before the implementation of the massage or a good massage to the recipient.

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