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Technique Tutorial of Back Massage in Dubai

As we know that in Dubai Massage is the best way to relax body and mind, both men and women should learn some massage techniques for yourself or your family, so that your body can be more healthy and far away from disease. After learn these body to body massage techniques, you can also give your lover a massage, which can increase the love between the husband and wife, and help your lover to strengthen the body. These massage techniques are related to the back. If you want to learn, let's take a look.

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Now, let's learn to relax your body. When you want to massage, you need to relax your hands step by step without any problems. If you massage the help others' back without relaxing your hands, the body will feel a little discomfort because it is rubbed by the stiff hand muscles. Therefore, before performing a back massage in Dubai, you should first relax your hands, for example, you can do a finger exercise, or do a few more fists and let go. To massage by shaking After your hands are relaxed, place your right hand on the left side of the other half of the hip and use your left hand to press the other half of your back. After that, slowly shake the muscles of the other half with the palm of your hand, and shake your hands constantly, while moving your hands, slowly rub from the position of the left hip to the shoulder, and then slowly rub from the position of the right hip to the back. position. In the process of rubbing, the palm should remember to use force and gently shake the muscles. This step must be done in order to relax the body muscles.

Pressing on the back After your body muscles have relaxed, use your hands to press the other half of your shoulders, and then use your thumb to massage the shoulders step by step from top to bottom. Pay attention to the strength to adjust slowly, to the best of the other side can withstand the strength, do not be too heavy, or it is easy to cause bruises. Relax your back muscles by tapping When your shoulder massage is complete, in order to rejuvenate your back muscles, you need to do the final massage, which is to help the back muscles. That is, the hands are held into empty fists, and then gently along the sides of the spine, regular tapping action, attacking three or four rounds, the massage is over.

This insists on doing it, and the massage technique that is beneficial to the back. I remind you to pay attention to the strength when you are doing massage. Especially when massage your wife, the strength should be controlled. If it is too strong, it will lead to the woman's delicate back skin injury, resulting in bruises on the back, which will not help the blood flow. Therefore, it is recommended to massage with different strengths, whether it is a man or a woman, and then massage for the other half. Then choose a massage that will make the other half feel comfortable.

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