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Some Different Foot Massage You Don't Know

Milk foot massage. Make your hands hold feet and pull the feet 10 times shortly, effectively. Imagine this is milking the cows.

Indian massage. From the side with the two thumb hold down the center of the arch. Move your hands back and forth as if you were twisting a wet towel. This allows the foot massage move a greater distance.

In the Achilles tendon and the bottom of the foot kneading. Kneading is by pulling and extruding method to stimulate the muscles. Starting from the heels around the back and ankle tendon, with one hand gently squeeze. At the beginning of the gentle, more pressure and faster speed gradually.

From the Achilles tendon to toe muscles. Doing so will lift on feet, help clean up the impurities.

In this way on the leg slowly. The muscles connects the foot here, press with kneading can be further relax the feet. Massage the foot long muscles. Long muscle is from Achilles tendon to the muscles of the knee, is closely connected with the foot muscles.

Let the other side to your leg, use your forearm downward pressure. Slowly moving the arm and elbow put greater strength. Lie down with each other, with one hand hold the heel, put the feet on your forearm. Push in the direction of the knee, gently nudge at first, then slowly increase.

Turn the ankle. Your feet, and turn the ankle with one hand. To the rotation of the ten times in one direction and then in the opposite direction to turn ten times. Ankle joints may be sounding, but unless the other party feel discomfort, it need not stop.

As far as possible to give two foot massage, same as the body don't like the asymmetry.

If massage hands feel tired, in the process of cutting and relax to occasionally.

Massage when playing soothing music is helpful and efficient.

Massage in the calm, soothing voice. Don't speak too fast or tone tense. Let you no matter what can comfort each other.

Looked at each other, eye contact, smile at each other. This massage show your confidence and trust, and convey a feeling of friendship and happiness. Pay some relaxing music! This can help each other to relax.

Freed all pressure to ensure that the other party. n the relaxation phase massage gently, then can accelerate slowly and deeply to stimulate the foot. et the other side with a pillow or pillows, guarantee the relaxed and comfortable. Can consider to play some light background music or light scented candles to build atmosphere.

With a hot towel to wipe your feet make them feel better.

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