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Shoulder muscle soreness oil massage in Dubai

In Dubai, people who use computers frequently, if they don't pay attention to exercise and exercise, then it is easy to feel stiff and sore shoulders for a while, which is caused by poor blood circulation. If the cold air factor of the air-conditioned environment is added, the body will be accelerated and cooled. If there is no effective correspondence and treatment, it will cause shoulder pain. In addition, excessive exercise often causes muscle soreness in your full body, because lactic acid substances accumulate too much after fatigue. Therefore, in order not to continue to accumulate lactic acid substances in the body, try to eliminate muscle soreness after exercise. Linda is from Malaysia, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Using Dubai oil massage on the shoulders can be said to be a good way to relieve pain. People with frequent shoulder pains may wish to learn this massage to help them effectively relieve the soreness of their shoulders. The essential oil massage in Dubai is also suitable for the muscles of the whole body. For the muscles that are sore after exercise, it is best to apply the essential oil massage. Essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and chamomile can effectively relieve muscle soreness and have a significant calming effect. Lavender shoulder massage in Dubai Material : Rosemary essential oil 3 drops, Lavender oil 2 drops, Olive oil 12 ml. Massage method: 1. Mix olive oil with two essential oils and mix well. 2. Use the palm of your hand to massage oil. 3. From the shoulder to the neck, gently rub with your palm. 4. Then press the pressing method with the four fingers at the same location, and then press while moving. 5. Finally, a light massage is applied to the shoulders, neck and shoulders. 6. Massage for about 15 minutes. Massage effect: It can effectively soften the shoulders, make the muscles more flexible, promote blood circulation, and eliminate shoulder and neck soreness. Me: Eucalyptus massage oil Material: Eucalyptus essential oil 3 drops, Olive oil 12 ml. Massage method: 1. Mix olive oil with eucalyptus essential oil and mix well. 2. Use the palm of your hand to massage oil. 3. Gently wipe the massage with the palm of your hand in the area where you feel sore. 4. Then gently knead the entire sore part with your thumb and middle finger. ’ 5. Massage for about 15 minutes. Massage effect: Massage with eucalyptus essential oil can effectively promote blood circulation and improve muscle soreness.

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