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Shape your legs with massage in Dubai

In Dubai, more and more women are using running or cycling to lose weight and shape the body. Overall, the effect is very good. The whole person looks very fit, but this exercise method also has its disadvantages. Many large muscle masses look very stiff. Many people want to soften this ugly muscle, but the hard muscle leg is hard to remove, so you must first massage and soften the thin leg.

By a full body massage the core area on the legs, it can effectively slim down the muscular legs. So how do you massage a muscular leg? If you have a muscular calf, it is recommended that you do not rush to perform various leg reduction exercises and movements immediately. The first task is to massage the calf muscles. Let ’s take a look.

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How to massage muscle in your legs

Take an appropriate amount of massage cream (or various lubricating lotions, body massage essential oils) to rub the calf area from bottom to top; rub repeatedly up and down.

1. Friction massage: After applying the lotion, use your fingers to press the friction forcefully in the place with more subcutaneous fat. Intensive massage around the knees can make the front side of the calf firm and smooth.

2, Japanese Shiatsu Massage: Grab subcutaneous fat with your fingertips. Starting from the centerline of the calf's inner and outer sides, use a force that can feel a little pain and continue rhythmically.

3. Full body massage: catch the place with a lot of fat, and rub it hard with your thumb. This is a strong and effective massage method. It is most suitable for thicker subcutaneous fat such as calves.

Judging method of muscular calf

1. Tighten your legs, you can usually see the shape of the muscles;

2, fat is usually under the skin, and muscles are usually attached to the bones. Therefore, if you relax your legs, if you can easily grasp them with your hands, it is fat. If this aspect is most effective after massaging the legs, then the stiff fat will also be softened and you can easily grasp it;

3. If you have not exercised for a long time, then there must be too much fat. Even if you have muscles in the past, it will start to lose, and fat will be filled in at the same time. This is the so-called "muscle calf."

Common crowd of muscular calf

Retired athletes, people who have been over-exercised, and those who have grown muscles because of their physical constitution can make women's femininity much lower. However, the muscular calf is also the most difficult to reduce. It is best to stop all exercises that exercise the leg muscles such as running, skipping, and mountain climbing. You need to soften the muscles first and then lose the fat that is trapped in the muscles.


If you want to thin your calves, you must first check if your calf muscles are loose or taut. It is more difficult to lose weight if the muscles are tight. The first leg reduction plan starts with loosening and massaging the firm leg mass.

To improve the muscle mass of the calf, you must exercise, but it is effective to combine stretching and massage in Dubai. On the one hand, stretch the muscle mass to make it into a strip, on the other hand, relax the muscle after exercise to prevent muscle mass from growing again.

The muscles of your legs are very strong. If you want your legs to become thin, you must first relax the muscles of your legs and stretch your hamstrings. Your legs will naturally become slender.

Not only for shape your legs, there are more benefits in Dubai massage, such as the release pressure and make you happy.

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