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Release your pressure by these five parts of the body Massage in Dubai

In Dubai daily life, there will inevitably be times of stress, and when stress is high, many people are prone to discomfort such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, and dizziness. So, how to deal with the stress? I will tell you that massage 5 parts of the body can relax the body and drive away the stress. How to decompress yourself at this time? Try to do a full body massage with all these parts and let’s see them together.

Linda is from Malaysia, she is good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Massage Girl in Dubai
Dubai Massage

1, waist and back massage

When the waist and back are sore, you can do the massage in Dubai, make a fist with both hands, press the palm joints of your thumbs firmly on the depressions of the waist, and press for 5 to 10 minutes with a rotary motion; then continue to massage the waist, first heat the palms of your hands, and then press tightly. Rub the waist up and down vigorously, feeling as if the waist is hot, repeat 20 to 40 times, once a day; use your fingers to stick to the lower end of the neck, about flush with the shoulders, and repeat the massage.

2, upper limb stretch

Do shoulder exercise 20 to 30 times; swing arms forward and backward, from small to large, slow to fast, 20 to 30 times; massage palms and back of hands to feel hot.

3, lower limb movement

Use your fingers to gently rotate each toe with moderate strength, shaking from the heel to the top. Slowly move your thumb over the surface of each toe. When your thumb moves to the top, stretch your toes, stretch your feet, and make a few ankle rotations.

4, relax your head

Take the sitting or lying position, use the palms of your two hands to separate the upper sides of your ears, and massage for 1 to 2 minutes. Then bend your forehead with your two fingers and four fingers, and then start massaging along the top of your head. Place your left palm on the back half of your head and your right hand. Put your palms on the front half of the head. Tap your hands on the top of your head at the same time. Tap your left hand on the left side to the front of your head. Tap your right hand on the right side to the back of your head.

5, neck deep tissue massage

Cross your fingers with your hands, place them behind the neck, and gently rub the neck back and forth 50 to 100 times; use your thumb, index finger, and middle finger to press and pinch the core acupoint (the sides of the large tendons behind the head are parallel to the earlobe); take upright Position, head tilted to the right, put the right ear on the right shoulder, after 1 minute, change to the other side.

Massage these 5 parts will make you release the pressure, especially there are so many benefits for your body before your bed time.

8 coups to relieve psychological stress

1, Focus on process dilution ranking

Establish a reasonable and objective self-expectation. The goal of the struggle must be reasonable. Sometimes you can think of the worst, but work hard to the best.

2, Transposition thinking

Correctly recognize stress and adjust your mindset flexibly. For example, when you encounter unfair things, uncoordinated relationships, and unpleasant emotional experiences, try to think differently.

3, Music and physical health

Various sounds are felt through the ears, such as the praise, blame, and argument of others, which will affect your mentality. Therefore, you can listen to more beautiful music and alleviate the unpleasant mood. It is extremely important to develop good living and self-care behaviors. At the same time, creating a harmonious family atmosphere cannot be ignored.

4, Time forgotten

Time is the best way to solve the problem. Actively forget the past and the unpleasant moments, and modify your cognitive concepts at any time. Don't let the painful past hold you back.

5, Self-motivation

I believe that I am the best and most dependable. Every great cause starts with self-confidence.

6, Self-liberation

Learn to relax yourself. Under appropriate circumstances, find someone you can trust to talk and talk; to rest and rest; to entertain and to entertain, you can temporarily put down when you don't want to do things; you can pursue excellence, but there is no need for perfection.

7, Renewal environment self-regulation

Change the environment when the pressure is too high and you are not in a good mood, such as the appearance of the room, the indoor flowers, and the association of beautiful things.

8, Enriching personal amateur life

Develop personal hobbies. Life and taste often make people feel comfortable. Painting, calligraphy, chess, sports, and entertainment can add a lot of fun to life, adjust the rhythm of life, get rid of the monotonous and tense atmosphere, and move towards cheerful and relaxed.

In Dubai, this high speed city, pressure is everywhere. Some people are struck by pressure and lose their breath, while others have a more meaningful and efficient life. The mystery is that the former negatively faces pressure, while the latter uses it effectively. Therefore, when you have stress in your heart, you must learn to relieve yourself and release stress.

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