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Relieve and Rrevent cervical spondylosis by massage in Dubai

Cervical spondylosis is an urban disease with a rapidly increasing incidence in Dubai. Many young people suffer from cervical spondylosis, and they are procrastinating and not treated in time. This has a lot to do with everyone's understanding of cervical spondylosis. According to the latest statistics, cervical spondylosis can cause more than 70 diseases throughout the body, and the causes of cervical spondylosis, in addition to known factors such as long-term use of mobile phones and computers, and long-term desk work, are also caused by body massage in Dubai. Let us take a closer look at cervical spondylosis!

Yuri is from Japan, she is specially good at body to body massage in Dubai.

Dubai Massage Full Service

1. Stretch method

Sitting on a chair, your upper body is upright, and her hands are naturally placed on her thighs (original state). Head extended low forward, back to the original state, and then extended backward to the maximum extent, and then returned to the original state and then left and right directions respectively. Each stretch lasts 15-90 seconds, and all four positions are completed as a group, and you can stick to 3-5 times. Note: The movement should be gentle and slow, without excessive force, and stable at the same time.

2. Rotation method

Sitting on a chair, the upper body is upright and the neck is upright (primary state). Slowly turn your head to the right, while looking at the back of the right shoulder at the same time, breathe evenly and slowly return to the original state. Hold for 15-90 seconds, change to the other side, and repeat 3-5 times.

3. Surround method

Sitting on a chair, the upper body is upright, the neck is upright, and the hands are naturally placed on the thighs (in the original state). Inhale slowly lift the shoulders and lift up, it looks like a shoulder-shrugging action. Exhale slowly falls from the front to the back to return to the original state. After 12-15 consecutive times, act in the opposite direction. Exhale in the forward direction and fall around the shoulders for 12-15 consecutive times, which can fully relax the neck muscles and promote blood circulation.

4. Massage

Sitting on a chair, the upper body is upright and the neck is upright (primary state). Raise the unilateral arm, use your four fingers to gently move the shoulder in the opposite direction (that is, the trapezius muscle located at the highest position of the cervical spine and shoulder) for this full body massage in Dubai. Hold it for 20 consecutive times and move in the opposite direction. Not only for the neck, there are also many benefits in foot massage in Dubai.

5. Hot compress method

Apply a hot towel for 5-10 minutes to strengthen blood circulation and ensure smooth blood circulation in the cervical spine. It is best to wear a scarf in winter and avoid blowing air conditioning in summer.

How to prevent cervical spondylosis

Change sitting position

Every day I use a computer for a long time. I have to take a car or a car after work. The "sit" time for a day is particularly long, and the cervical spondylosis is "sit". Establishing a correct sitting posture can reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis by at least 40%. Establishing the correct posture can be summed up in one sentence, with the head slightly raised, the chest straightened, and the body naturally relaxed.

Partial Functional Exercise

The reason why the cervical spine problem is complicated is that its symptoms recur. In order to ensure the continued health of the cervical spine, the key point is to strengthen the neck's compression resistance and toughness. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out some exercises for local functions of the neck and shoulders, such as "cervical spine exercises" and "cervical spine yoga".

Use less computer and exercise more

In the treatment of cervical spondylosis, doctors often emphasize "physical therapy". What is "physical therapy"? In popular terms, it is exercise. The local functional exercise of the cervical spine also belongs to the category of physical therapy, but each part of the human body is already closely related and does not depart from the overall local health. Therefore, whole body exercise will be more effective for rehabilitation and treatment of cervical spondylosis. For patients with cervical spondylosis, playing badminton, swimming, etc., not only exercised the whole body, but also very targeted.

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