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Relaxing body massage for office lady in Dubai

In Dubai, there are so many office ladies in those building working everyday. Office ladies are the most in need of health. So do you know how office ladies promote their health? Yes, and massage is one of best way to relax themselves. Is the massage good for them? Of course it is good, different massage methods have different effects. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the right massage method on weekdays.

Office ladies are sitting in the office all day, and their bodies are prone to various strains. It is recommended to massage appropriately to help them relax body, reduce physical loss, and make office ladies feel relaxed. Let ’s take a look together. How office lady to do a relax full body massage in Dubai?

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Dubai Massage Full Service

First, massage techniques to avoid back pain. Office ladies have been sitting in the office all the time, often sitting in a sitting position for a long time, over time, the waist is prone to soreness. In order to improve the problem of back pain, it is recommended that office ladies massage like this:

1. If the whole person stays standing, with two hands on the sides of the waist, then use the abdomen or the end of your thumb to rub the sore part of your waist and press for two or three minutes.

2. Open the palms of your left and right hands, stick them on the sides of the waist, and rub the muscles on both sides of the waist with your palm. Press and hold for three to three minutes each time.

3. The left and right hands are respectively held into empty fists, and then use your fist heart (or quilt) to hit the waists on both sides respectively. Pay attention to repeated tapping for two minutes before stopping.

Second, Dubai body to body massage in techniques to reduce stress. Many people believe that office ladies sit in the office all day long, there must be no pressure. But in fact, any job is stressful, as are the office ladies sitting in the office. Faced with a mountain of work, many office ladies can't wait to change their identities to deal with it. The editor reminded that excessive stress affects physical and mental health, so office ladies are recommended to learn some massage techniques that can help reduce stress:

1. Massage the temple, that is, use the fingers of your right hand to squeeze the skin around the temple where the head was pushed, and then use your left hand to spread the skin near the corner of your eye. Or put your hands on both sides of the head, gently press the temples, and then shake slightly. Helps relieve headaches and stress.

2, Massage the corner of the eye, that is, use your thumb and forefinger to grasp the skin of the corner of the eye, make up and down movements, help reduce the wrinkles of the corner of the eye, make you look younger.

3. Massage the face, that is, cover the cheeks under the ear with the palms of your hands, and then slowly massage back and forth. This will help stretch your facial muscles and relax.

These Dubai massage have different benefits and are suitable for office ladies in Dubai who stay in the office all day. If office ladies often experience back pain, stress, spleen and stomach problems, they may wish to refer to the massage technique above and press it every day. This will not only move your body, but also improve your physical problems, which is great.

In addition, the editor reminds you to pay special attention when massaging. For those who are just beginning to massage, it is easy to master the intensity, so you must feel more intensity each time you massage, and remember which type of massage Make you feel comfortable. Use this intensity for your next massage.

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