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Prevention Of Cervical Spondylosis By A Dubai Massage

In Dubai, when we talk about the cervical spondylosis, everyone must be familiar with it, especially computer workers. We all know that, as the developing of Dubai, more and more people are working with computer. Cervical spondylosis often becomes a common disease. In busy work in Dubai, cervical spondylosis is getting younger and younger, and many office workers will also suffer from cervical spondylosis. Is there any way to prevent and alleviate it? So what are the preventive methods for cervical spondylosis? Here, let's make a move for everyone, introduce the methods of cervical spondylosis prevention and the body massage in Dubai, let's learn two moves together.

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Dubai Massage Body to body
Suki, Japanese Girl of Dubai Massage

Prevention of cervical spondylosis

As we know, many parts of the neck are closely connected, such as bones, meridians, blood, kidneys, and so on. If there is a disease in a certain part of the body, then the muscles of the neck can be reflected in a timely and effective manner. How to massage the neck frequently to promote blood circulation, etc., also have a good health care effect on the parts of the body, and ultimately achieve the purpose of maintaining health. There are many effects of Dubai massage on the neck, not only can prevent diseases and promote physical health, but also have the effects of beauty. If there is an abnormal condition in the neck in normal life, it must be checked and treated in time.

Maintain a correct sitting posture. The hips should be fully in contact with the chair surface, shoulders should be extended, spine upright, and feet should be on the ground. When typing, the head is tilted slightly forward, the line between the shoulders is parallel to the edge of the table, and the front chest is not compressed, so that the head, neck, shoulders, and chest are kept slightly tight and normal cervical spine physiological curvature

Maintain the correct sleeping position and choose pillows scientifically. When a person is sleeping, if the sleeping posture is not correct, the ligaments between the cervical spine will be in a state of tension. Be sure to maintain a correct sleeping position, that is, lying on the side as the main position, supplemented by lying on the back. In addition, the height and quality of the pillow also have a great impact on the human cervical spine. The height of a standard pillow should be about 10 cm, and the material of the pillow should be soft and elastic.

Participate in sports more. There are many sports that can exercise the cervical spine, such as playing badminton, basketball, etc., involving movements such as raising the head and lowering the head. Apart from office and study, choosing appropriate sports is the best way to ensure health. Clinical studies have found that exposure to cold can cause spasm in the neck muscles or tight joints. Therefore, people should try to avoid staying in a humid and cold environment, and adjust the thickness of the quilt at any time according to climate changes to prevent the neck from getting cold.

Stay optimistic. Studies have shown that people are susceptible to neurasthenia under long-term emotional depression. And neurasthenia will affect the rest of the bones, joints and muscles. Therefore, in addition to maintaining the correct posture and strengthening exercises, we must also maintain a healthy and happy mood.

Extra points for kidney supplementation at dinner. As a busy office worker, you may not have enough time to prepare healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch. Then you can eat some nutritious food for dinner. Chinese medicine believes that walnuts, cornus, raw land, black sesame, and beef bones have the function of nourishing the kidney and marrow. These materials can be added to your dinner to strengthen the bones and strengthen the kidneys and spine.

Practice full body massage in Dubai. In your free time, you can learn a body massage which has 7 main benefits, to maintain the cervical spine: the operator takes a standing position, gently bends down to 90 degrees, spreads the arms to both sides, and imitates the bird flying with its wings, but the head is not lifted , Insist on 5 minutes. This action can help you increase the toughness of the cervical spine muscles.

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